Easy Servo Motor 12Nm With 1000PPR Encoder In Nema34 Size

Easy Servo Motor 12Nm With 1000PPR Encoder In Nema34 Size

Nema34,is a 12Nm torque easy servo motor,it satisfy some machines big torque requirement.As the same quality as other hybrid servo motors,it perfects very well.

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Product Introduction:Easy Servo Motor 12Nm torque with 1000ppr encoder

QL86HS118.jpgECON offers high quality hybrid servo motors (it is stepper motor with encoder)  from NEMA 23 to 34 with torque up to 12 Nm .These hybrid servo motors are integrated with 1,000-line incremental encoder.

When driven by ECON's hybrid servo drives, the system can fully close the position loops between the drive and motor and eliminate loss of movement synchronization with features of no loss of steps and no torque reservation. Compared with servo systems, easy servo systems have much higher low-speed torque that servo systems lack of, significantly lower cost, no overshooting, and no hunting.
ECON’s easy servo motors can also be implemented as standard stepper motors with encoders, and driven by stepper drives with the option of output encoder signal to a motion controller, PLC, or external device. 
The  easy servo motors are available in NEMA 23 to 34 frame sizes with 0.9 - 12 Nm torque. It was designed to be powered by ECON’
 s easy servo drives taking max 80 DC / AC voltage input.

 It matches with hybrid servo driver TS808D or TS808AH.Below is the specification of this hybrid servo motor.

Product Technique Feature:Easy Servo Motor 12Nm Torque with 1000ppr encoder

Step Accuracy    5%

Encoder      1000PPR

Step Angle    1.8º

Insulation resistance    500VDC100MΩ Min

Insulating strength    500VAC 50Hz 1mA 1 Min

Environment temperature    -20~+40ºC

Temperature rise    80ºC Max



Product Technical Data:Easy Servo Motor 12Nm Torque with 1000ppr encoder










Rotary Inertia






Matched Drive










Torque-Speed Curve


Product Service:Easy Servo Motor 12Nm Torque with 1000PPR encoder

ECON provide technical service from start to end,and will offer one year warranty. Any problem,can send e-mail to our technical engineer and sales,or directly chat on our website.

Payment and Delivery:Easy Servo Motor 12Nm Torque with 1000PPR encoder

ECON supports T/T,Paypal,Western Union to make payment. We can arrange express,air and sea shipment,we have professional team to deal with logistic.

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Power Supply

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