Economic CNC Router Controller

Economic CNC Router Controller

This economic router controller is a 3 or 4 axis cnc router controller(engraving controller),it Supports 3 or 4 channel pulse output which is up to 500KHz.and it is professional for wood engraving, stone cutting, glass engraving, metal engraving ,and so on.

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Product Introduction:Economic CNC Router Controller

DDCSV1 is a 3 or 4 axis cnc router controller(engraving controller)r,it base on ARM+FPGA framework.ARM to complete the man-machine interface and code analysis, FPGA complete the underlying algorithm and control pulse generation part. Reasonable design, reliable control, convenient operation.

The controller = microcomputer + engraving machine (CNC) interface board.It is widely used for wood engraving, stone cutting, glass engraving, metal engraving ,and so on

Product Features:Economic CNC Router Controller

·         16 channel optocoupler digital inputs;

·         3 channel optocoupler digital outputs;

·         1 channel 0-10V spindle speed control analog output (which can be modified into PWM output);

·         Support 3 or 4 channel pulse output, it is up to 500KHz

·         ARM9 master control chip, FPGA core algorithm chip;

·         4.3 inch TFT screen, resolution 480*272;

·         17 operation keys (one spare key, no definition);

·         The main control equipment for 18V-32V power input, the current capacity is not less than 0.5A

·         Support U disk read G codes, G codes file size is no limit.

·         MPG is available

·         Support for multi coordinate system (Automatically save after power off);

·         Support save breakpoint function (running by pressing the pause button to save  automatically);


Product Service:Economic CNC Router Controller

ECON provide technical service from start to end,and will offer one year warranty. Any problem,can send e-mail to our technical engineer and sales,or directly chat on our website.

Payment and Delivery:Economic CNC Router Controller

ECON supports T/T,Paypal,Western Union to make payment. We can arrange express,air and sea shipment,we have professional team to deal with logistic.

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Equipped with professional Cnc Router Controller factory, It is a leading economic cnc router controller manufacturer and supplier.

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