1.What does ECON do?

ECON is a company that professional on automation products,like motion controller,stepper system,hybrid servo,servo system.You will find a full kit solution here.

2.What motion controller does ECON sell?

ECON sells router controller,lathe or turning controller,milling or drilling controller,plasma cutting controller.

3.What stepper system does ECON sell?

ECON sells 2 phase and 3 phase stepper motor&drive,2 phase range is from 42 to 110;and 3 phase range is from 57 to 130.

4.What hybrid servo does ECON sell?

Now there are three models hybrid servo drive for selection,can cover the motor range from 42 to 110.

5.What servo system does ECON sell?

ECON sells the servo motor range from 60mm to 150mm flange,and 200w to 4.7kw.For more details,check our product list.

6.What does a machine need?

Normally,a machine need a motion controller,then stepper system or hybrid servo or servo system.Based on the machine,engineer will decide the type of motion controller,and the axis of motion controller.Then engineer will calculate the specification(like torque,flange,speed,watt) of each axis of the machine.After this,engineer will decide what motor&drive to use.

7.What is hybrid servo?

Hybrid servo is also called closed loop stepper.Now it is applied in a large range industries,like engraving, electroinics ,medical, packing and so on. Compared with stepper,it has feedback,high accurancy;with servo system,it is easy to debug,and cost-effective.Hybrid servo is a best solution for your machine.

8.How to select our hybrid servo for your machine?

Based on your machine,refer to product category as below to select correct hybrid servo.

TypeModel NoCurrentVoltageMatched Motor

Hybrid servo drive

TS808D0.5~8A24~80VDCnema17,nema23,nema24,nema34 hybrid servo motor
TS808AH0.5~10A24~80VAC,24~110VDCnema24,nema34 step servo motor
TS1108AH0.5~10A48~130VAC,48~150VDCnema34 closed loop stepper motor



closed loop stepper motor(NM)(A) (Kg)

9.What does ECON provide?

ECON is not only provide automation products,also provide service to customer,such as flexiable shipment(by Express,by Air,by Sea),kinds of Trade Term(EXW,FOB,CFR,CIF).If customer buy other items together with ECON products,we can help to arrange shipment together.

10.When ECON's product has problem,please do as below steps

  1)collect product's Model No,send problem to ECON's engineer or sales.Normally,they will reply immediately when they receive your e-mail

  2)If it is software problem,ECON will update new software to you.If there is some spare parts damaged,ECON will send spare parts for repairment.Also comes with repairing steps

  3)The worst condition is totally damaged.Then ECON wish it is in warranty time.

11.When you need high speed of easy servo,how to do?

When you buy ECON's easy servo(hybrid servo),and ask for high speed,please set DIP switch as SW1 -ON;SW2-OFF;SW3-ON.

12.There one touching monitor to control one PLC(programmable controller),if customer would like to add another touching monitor,while only one RS485 port on PLC,so how to solve?

This is a case that our engineer meet several days ago.Customer bought our step servo and controller products,so ask engineer help to solve this problem.After technicial team discussed,they decide to try to use 485 HUB.But one problem came out,communication sometimes is stable,sometimes is abnormal.Then they check information and discuss with 485 hub seller,they find the result:MODBUS can not support multi-host.When 485 bus run MODBUS protocol,the protocol mode is one ASK one FEEDBACK,AB output signal is differential signal,ASK-FEEDBACK together use AB line.When another host join, if there is no coordination mechanism, there must be two hosts take bus at the same time, it will lead to communication conflict.If communication requirements is not high-level,can set infinite retry count, two hosts use different timeout. If the real-time performance requirement is high,it can not work any more, and the machine that customer have is human-computer interface,to improve using experience,have a certain requirement for this real-time performance. 

After understand this system,our engineer realize to achieve mul-host function,need to use harmonized system,so 485 hub is useless under our requirement.Engineer find another 485 exchanger,and solve this problem.

Question 13.Stepper motor keep stock for 4 years,does its performance affect?


(1)the stepper motor is a magnetizing motor,if use,can be automatically magnetized in use;if not use for a long time,will degaussing.This is for hybrid stepping motor,the situation of the permanent magnet stepper motor is slightly better.

(2)stepping motor metal is not anti-rust,without using often,especially after use and stop,more easily oxidized.

(3)Any object is aging,stepper motor oil will dry.

Above aspects will affect the stepper motor performance.