ECON G Series General AC Servo drive can be used with AC servo motor range from 100W~3.8KW

ECON G Series General AC Servo drive can be used with AC servo motor range from 100W~3.8KW

The ECON G series servo drives are high performance brushless AC servo drives. Powering 100W to 3.8KW servo motor, these servo drives offer high precision, excellent position following capability to make your motion control systems faster and more precise.If you require for CANopen and MODBUS,our G series cover this demand too.Also,with its small and light size,save your mechanical space and shipping cost

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Product Introduction: General AC Servo drive can be used with AC servo motor range from 100W~3.8KW

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ECON G series servo system(servo drive and servo motor) use the new digital signal processor (DSP) and intelligent power module (IPM), advanced optimization control algorithm can achieve precise control of torque, speed and position, supports CANopen, standard Modbus communication protocol, the servo motor power range is 0.1 kW ~ 3.8kW.

Technical Parameter:

●Power range: 0.1kW ~ 3.8kW

●Input voltage: single phase or three phase 220VAC (-15~+10%), 50~60HZ

●Control mode: position control, speed control, torque control

●Encoder type: 2500 linear incremental optical encoder (provincial line / non provincial line), 1024 wire rotary encoder

●Communication mode: RS485, RS232, CANopen, standard MODBUS communication protocol

●Input and output points: IO can be programmed to support the positive and negative logic settings, 8 input supports 16 kinds of functions can be carried out every function of the function of positioning, 4 output support for 10 kinds of functions which can be carried out in 1 ways

●Operation and display: 5 digital tube, 5 keys, or hand-held operation panel

●Monitoring function: to provide position, speed, current, voltage, input and output, and so on up to 30 kinds of state monitoring


●Using a new digital signal processor (DSP) and intelligent power module (IPM), advanced control algorithm, to achieve high precision control of permanent magnet synchronous motor

●The combination of intelligent PID control algorithm and PDFF controller improves the rapidity and accuracy of position and speed control.

●The notch filter can be used to improve the following performance, reduce the noise and reduce the loss of the machine.

●The output signal of the encoder is supported at any frequency dividing ratio, which is more accurate.

●Support load disturbance observer, can carry forward torque and forward compensation, improve dynamic response of the system

●6 Inertia identification and automatic gain function simplify the debugging process of the system.

●Fan switch temperature can be set, according to the site needs to open air cooling, to provide environmental protection and more cost-effective application

●Support debugging software, mechanical characteristics analysis, parameter setting, monitoring and other functions, easy to operate

●The configuration of the hand held operator panel, parameter settings and system debugging is more convenient and quick










Rated Output Power







Input power

Three-phase AC220V( -15% to +10%),  50-60HZ / single-phase AC220V (-15% to +10%), 50-60HZ

Encoder Specification

Incremental Encoder (2500ppr, 5V)

Control Mode

1. Position  Control Mode 2, Pulse Speed Control Mode 3, CAN Control Mode4, 485 Control  Mode 5 and 232 Control Mode

2. 1.  Position Control Mode 2, Speed Control Mode 3, CAN Control Mode4, 485 Control  Mode 5 and 232 Control Mode

Regenerative Brake


Internal or External

Internal  or External

Control  Characteristics

Speed Frequency Response


Speed fluctuation rate:

<±3%  (Load fluctuation 0-100%); <±2%  (power -15% to +10%) (at Rated Speed)

Speed ratio


Pulse frequency


Position  control

Input mode

①  Pulse + direction ② CW pulse +  CCW pulse  ③ A/B quadrature pulse

Electronic gear ratior

Setting Range: 1-9999/1-9999

Feedback pulse

Adjustable according to the number of  encoder wires

Feedback Type

Feedback from incremental pulse  encoder on motor shaft

Parameter Setting Type

Button on Driver or From the PC

Applicable load inertia

Less than 3 times of the motor inertia

Regenerative Brake Type

Resistance Consumption Brake

Installation Type

Wall-mounting Installation

Grounding Type

Shell grounding: grounding Resistance  ≤0.1Ω

Monitoring functions

Rotation speed, current position,  command pulse accumulation, positional  deviation, motor current, command pulse frequency, operating status, input  and output terminal signal

Protection functions

Over-speed, main power supply  overvoltage / undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, braking abnormity, encoder  abnormity, position-tolerance

Display and Operation

5-digit LED display panel with 4 keys

Working environment


Operation temperature: 0-55℃  / Storage temperature: -20℃ to  80℃


Less than 90% (no condensation)



<0.5G(4.9m∕S²) ,  10-60HZ(Non-continuous Operation)


ECON provide technical service from the start to end,and will offer one year warranty. Any problem,can send e-mail to our technical engineer and sales,or directly chat on our website.

Payment And Delivery:

ECON supports T/T,Paypal,Western Union to make payment. We can arrange EXPRESS,AIR and SEA shipment,we have professional team to deal with logistic.


AC Servo Motor Range from 0.1Kw~3.8Kw

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