2 Phase Stepper Drive Digital Stepper Driver

- May 15, 2017-

2 Phase Stepper Drive The company is located in China "Innovation City" - Shenzhen, is a professional engaged in motion control series product development, production, sales, the industry is one of the few, and have independent intellectual property rights of high-tech enterprises. Product coverage: digital stepper drive, two-phase stepper motor drive

 Two-phase / three-phase hybrid stepping motor, screw motor, closed-loop motor, server, etc., products in the electronics, machinery, measurement, laser, medical, textile, packaging, advertising and other industries automation equipment to obtain long-term widely used. After years of perseverance in technology research and development and market development, with a good product experience, excellent reputation, legislation has become a three well-known sports control industry brand.

 The company has a first-class professional design and product development staff, has many years of industry experience in the senior team of engineers and training a number of high-quality, skilled production technicians and loyalty to the development of the cause of the management team, outside the German sports control industry Well-known strength engineers as technical advisers, innovative technology, leading the domestic and even the world movement control industry new trend.

   2 Phase Stepper Drive 10 years of experience in hardware and software research and development, the company has long been a leader in the field of motion control technology, professional technical team, leading management team, can independently customize the cost-effective sports control products and solutions.

   2 Phase Stepper Drive The company was founded in 2011, the only one set of stepper motor, stepper motor drive, servo motor, two-phase stepper motor drive servo motor drive, motion controller and other industrial robot product development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. Nachuan technology from domestic and foreign enterprises to introduce new technologies and new talent, while Nachuan people pay attention to the absorption of advanced technology, precipitation and innovation, through continuous product research and development practice and engineering experiments, to now have a strong R & D strength and engineering services Capacity, long-term commitment to provide customers with multi-series motor drive, control products and system solutions ... Product main application areas: electronic equipment, engraving machine, dispenser, packaging machinery, medical equipment, mechanical processing and other automation equipment

   2 Phase Stepper Drive The company is a professional research and development, design, production, sales servo electric cylinder, linear module, control system, industrial components production and sales integration of innovative high-tech enterprises. Automation Through years of efforts, the use of advanced foreign modular concept, the successful development of the GJ20 series servo motor cylinder and GJ80 series linear module. Series of products with compact, low inertia, high response, low friction, low noise and low speed and so on. Habitat similar products lead.


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