3 Phase Stepper Drive A Drive That Controls The Motor With A Precise Sine Wave Current Output

- May 15, 2017-

3 Phase Stepper Drive The company is a fully independent research and development capabilities of the automation of high-tech enterprises, the company since its inception has been committed to industrial automation movement control products R & D, production and sales. Products include: three-phase stepper motor drive planetary reducer, stepper motor and drive, motion control systems and other automation products. Products with "high-performance, cost-effective, ultra-low failure rate" has been widely recognized by customers and praise.

    3 Phase Stepper Drive We continue to innovate and actively improve product quality, while providing services to customers at the same time, with solid technical strength and rich industry experience to help customers save time, less detours, to create more value, to win the trust and respect for customers. With the product more and more customers of all ages, the company's products in the field of automation applications are more and more widely, the current products have been widely used in packaging machinery, CNC machine tools, medical equipment, laser equipment, advertising equipment, electronic equipment, And other industries, is to do the automation industry's most trusted industrial control products supplier's great cause and work forward.

   Three-phase stepper motor drive is a precise sine wave current output control motor drive, the drive voltage range 110V-220V can be suitable for the outer diameter of 110,130,150 series, the drive current of 10A below all three-phase mixing Type stepper motor, with power outage phase memory function, the panel on the 8-bit toggle switch can easily achieve different motor current and different subdivision steps of the precise control (special current and subdivision settings can be customized according to user requirements ), The input signal has been optoelectronic isolation, has a strong anti-interference ability, can adapt to harsh environmental work.

In addition, the stepper motor driver-driven stepper motor can maintain a stepless motor within a wide frequency range, the maximum output torque is constant, running smoothly, the noise is very low, very suitable for high torque and high-speed work occasion. The following are the same as the "

The company is a high-tech characteristics of the modern enterprise, with more than Dr., Master and other high-tech talent, the company strong technical force. Companies in the stepper motor and drive development, use of more than 10 years of experience, the industry is very familiar with.

   3 Phase Stepper Drive The main products are: stepper motor (including three-phase hybrid stepper motor, two-phase hybrid stepping motor), stepper motor driver (including three-phase subdivision hybrid stepper motor driver, two-phase subdivision hybrid Stepper motor controller), electromagnetic chuck drive demagnetization controller, stepper motor controller (can achieve stepper motor fixed length, fixed angle, timing control), bag machine controller, servo motor, servo motor drive, PLC and other CNC product.

In the actual work, the company "excellent, fine, refined, real" as a business development.

Excellent: to high-quality products, and continuously enhance the brand value to meet customer needs. The following are the same as the "

Fine: to meticulous service, sincere attitude, to create customer satisfaction.

Precision: to innovative technology, fine management, enhance product brands.

Real: a solid work, pragmatic work style to achieve the commitment of enterprises.

Company to "integrity, professional, pragmatic and innovative" for the purpose of strict compliance with national standards and industry standards, strict implementation of quality control system, to comply with professional ethics. As the company's business volume continues to grow, the company's technical level gradually increased, internal management improved year by year, social benefits and reputation continues to increase. We have a conscientious and pragmatic work style, good social reputation to ensure that users provide quality and reliable products.

   3 Phase Stepper Drive The company believes that only the constant pursuit of innovation, continuous improvement of technology, is the only way to build high-tech enterprises. Companies continue to enhance research and development capabilities, according to the needs of customers research and development of new products.

People-oriented company, pay attention to occupational health and safety, and actively eliminate security risks, a harmonious enterprise, to achieve the common development of employees and enterprises.

At the same time, the company that "green, environmentally friendly, rational use of resources" is to achieve the coexistence of enterprises and the environment symbiotic principle. The company is committed to fulfilling social responsibility, maintaining a harmonious ecological environment, in order to achieve sustained, healthy and coordinated development.

Company is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, West Lake District left industrial park, Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park opposite, Hangzhou Tianmu Mountain Road and stay at the junction of the road, adjacent to Hangzhou Xiaoxishan Higher Education Park, the surrounding beautiful environment.

Hangzhou near the company left the bus center, located in Hangzhou Ring Expressway left near the exit, the traffic is very convenient.

Wind and waves to be sometimes, straight hanging Yunfan economic sea! Hangzhou, Zhejiang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with better products and services, and is willing to all customers, partners and common development, innovation unlimited future!

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