3 Phase Stepper Motor Stepper Motor Products Are Two-phase, Three-phase, Five-phase Hybrid Stepper Motor Three-phase Stepper Motor

- May 15, 2017-

 3 Phase Stepper Motor Is a company focused on precision micro-motor and drive control system research and development and manufacturing, with independent innovation capability of the automation of high-tech enterprises, is your trusted and have the micro-motor and transmission control products of high-quality partners.

     3 Phase Stepper Motor Our main products for the four blocks: stepper motor products, three-phase stepper motor brushless DC motor products, reducer products, and customized according to customer demand customized products.

  First, the stepper motor products

    Stepper motor products are two-phase, three-phase, five-phase hybrid stepper motor three-phase stepper motor, the use of high-temperature permanent magnets and high-quality cold-rolled steel production, product specifications cover 20mm - 150mm, with low noise, Low vibration, low heat characteristics, high reliability and stability. And, because of its good internal damping, smooth operation, no obvious oscillation area, to meet the automation industry to use different conditions. The use of the latest patented technology developed step driver, better solve the traditional stepper motor low speed climb, high speed torque, low starting frequency advantages, with some characteristics of AC servo, the control effect can be comparable with imported products.

    Second, the brushless DC motor products

     DC brushless motor products are permanent magnet and hollow cups and supporting the two drive products, product specifications cover 16mm ~ 110mm. Designed for use in extreme environmental conditions, it is specially designed and manufactured, with a long structure and high reliability, especially for ultra-quiet operation and very low noise levels. Which can be widely used in high-end household appliances, medical equipment, three-phase stepper motor peristaltic pump, grinding, drilling, transmission and other use. More special attention to rare earth material rotor and the United States Bei Si oblique winding patented technology to ensure that the hollow cup brushless DC motor output torque and dynamic response to the highest indicators.

   Third, the reducer products

    Reducer series products are eccentric gearbox deceleration and planetary deceleration products, are using international standard steel, with 20CvMnT carburizing quenching and grinding, with a small size, light weight, high transmission efficiency, low speed range, high precision, low noise , The output torque, long life and other characteristics, is widely used in servo, step, brushless and other transmission systems, product specifications cover 28mm ~ 120mm. In the premise of ensuring precision transmission, the perfect use in reducing the speed increase torque and reduce the load / motor inertia ratio of the use of occasions.

    Fourth, custom series of products

   3 Phase Stepper Motor We can according to the needs of customers to mass custom production in line with customer demand for various types of industrial equipment, electrical products. For example, the motor can be equipped with various types of drives, reducer gearbox, planetary reducer, three-phase stepper motor synchronous gear, power brake, encoder, and custom motor rated current voltage, fuselage length, Way, lead length, terminal blocks and so on.

    B, manufacturing guidelines

    Since the establishment of the company adhere to the "wisdom of intellectual core, intellectual wisdom products, intelligent wisdom," the product manufacturing approach. Our precision micro-motor and drive control system products in research and development, manufacturing are intelligent control technology as the core, coupled with strict quality control to ensure that each factory product quality and reliable, stable operation at the same time more close to the people, humane use. So our products sales throughout China's major economic regions, and successfully into Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia market.


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