4 In 1 Multi Axis Hybrid Servo Drive Testing

- Nov 23, 2017-

4 in 1 multi axis hybrid servo drive testing



The TS508D is a four axis in one hybrid servo drive,which means it can separately drive for motors at the same time,and variable current control technology reduce the heating of hybrid servo drive and hybrid s servo motor,and hybrid servo drive size is small,which save space and freight cost.


●Advanced 64bit DSP dual core technology

●Auto identification the parameters of hybrid servo motor after power up.

●Work smoothly, high torque output at medium/high speed; fast response ,and low heating ,low vibration.

● Opto - isolated differential control signal input,alarm signal OC output

●Adopt advanced variable current and variable frequency technology, it can reduce motor and drive heating and vibration.

●The max pulse frequency is 500KHZ,(the default is 200KHZ)

●The two motors can be controlled by one pulse command or two separately channels pulse command.

●The voltage of input pulse is 4.5vdc—28vdc, no need connect any resistor

●Micro-step setting range is 200~51200,and micro-step can set by serial port

●Over-voltage,under-voltage and over-current protection

Testing steps

1:connect motor to drive for motor ports (4 wires ,A+,A-,B+,B- must connect to drive correctly,4 pcs motor cables must be corresponding to motor1—motor4 )

2:connect encoder wiring to drive for encoder ports(6 wires,EA+,EA-,EB+,EB-,VCC, GND , must connect to drive correctly,4 pcs encoder cables must be corresponding to encoder1—encoder4)

3:connect power supply to drive (for this drive , the recommended power supply is 48VDC, select a suitable power for drive which depend on the motors power watt)

4:set the micro step and current for motors

5:connect controller for debugging



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