A France Customer Buy Our Closed Loop Stepper For Conversion Milling Machine

- Nov 15, 2017-

A France customer buy our closed loop stepper for conversion milling machine

Mr xx  is a France,but he lives in Bali,Indonesia now.Our company receive his request in Oct,at beginning,he just check our closed loop stepper products with us. After deep communication,we get information that he wants to convert a traditional milling machine to a CNC milling machine.He need 5 axis in future,but now he plans to set up 4 axis,so he buys a 5 axis milling controller,and take 4 sets easy servo products.He choose our 4 axis in one easy servo drive,one is price consideration,another one is save space and he wants to try such kind of products.Three axis use 2.8Nm easy servo motor,one axis use 4.5Nm closed loop stepper motor.

Here is the order details:


                                               4 axis in 1 closed loop stepper driver


                       Nema34 and 4.5Nm,1000PPR encoder closed loop stepper motor


                           Nema23 and 2.8Nm,1000PPR encoder easy servo motor



    Full Kit Testing(hybrid servo drive,hybrid servo motor,power supply)


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