Ac Servo Drive And Motor For Cloth Rolling Machine

- Nov 15, 2017-

Ac servo drive and motor for cloth rolling machine


cloth rolling machine is mainly used for textile industry, which is a main part of textile industry. this kind of machine for ordered collecting the clothes.and for making sure the good quality of cloth rolling ,the rolling should keep a constant tension during the machine rolling.AC servo drive and motor is a good solution for this.

Generally, one cloth rolling machine has 8 sets AC servo drives and motors ,and 4 sets of them are applied for tensioning roller

              blob.png             blob.png

cloth rolling machine


The controller is PLC with HMI ,with position control mode(pulse+ direction),and ECON technology’s AC servo drive and motors as below


Ac servo drive model



Ac servo motor model



Some parameters need to be set ,which includes control mode, command mode, Speed loop KP,KI ,position loop KP. Machine get a good performance after suitable value setting of parameters.


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