Ac Servo Drive And Motor For Cnc Waterjet Cutting Machine

- Nov 28, 2017-

Ac servo drive and motor for cnc waterjet cutting machine

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ECON G Series AC servo drive Features

²  Fast response with good stiffness

²  Highly precision positioning

²  Analyze mechanical vibration via software and set the notch filter parameter to estimate resonance


Using a new digital signal processor (DSP) and intelligent power module (IPM), advanced control algorithm, to achieve high precision control of permanent magnet synchronous motor.The combination of intelligent PID control algorithm and PDFF controller improves the rapidity and accuracy of position and speed control. The notch filter can be used to improve the following performance, reduce the noise and reduce the loss of the machine.

The product can meet machine tool positioning and low-speed operation requirement in numerical-control waterjet cutting. Meanwhile, servo drive has resonance-inhibiting function so it can reduce resonance generated in the mechanical operation. Two resonance points are removed by analyzing mechanical resonance frequency via software to improve stability of waterjet cutting tool in product processing.

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