AC Servo Drive And Motor JOG Testing

- Nov 16, 2017-

AC servo drive and motor JOG testing



ECN-G series of AC servo drive using the new digital signal processor (DSP) and intelligent power module (IPM), advanced optimization control algorithm can achieve precise control of torque, speed and position, supports CANopen, standard Modbus communication protocol, output power of 0.1 kW ~ 3kW.

Technical specification

Ø  Power range: 0.1kW ~ 3.0kW

Ø  Input voltage: single phase or three phase 220VAC (-15~+10%), 50~60HZ

Ø  Control mode: position control, speed control, torque control

Ø  Encoder type: 2500 linear incremental optical encoder

Ø  Communication mode: RS485, RS232, CANopen, standard MODBUS communication protocol

Ø  Input and output points: IO can be programmed to support the positive and negative logic settings, 8 input supports 16 kinds of functions can be carried out every function of the function of positioning, 4 output support for 10 kinds of functions which can be carried out in 1 ways

Ø  Operation and display: 5 digital tube, 5 keys, or hand-held operation panel

Ø  Monitoring function: to provide position, speed, current, voltage, input and output, and so on up to 30 kinds of state monitoring

JOG testing

It is recommended to test the drive and motor before installation,and JOG testing is a build in function for the drive ,and it is a mostly easy way for testing

The JOG testing steps for ECN-G series drive as below

1:connect the drive and motor

 blob.png    blob.png 

     Encoder cable                 Motor power cable



blob.png           blob.png

                                    Full connection(ECN-GA3210B+EC-60M060D)

2: motor model setting and initialization password selection



3:set the a suitable stiffness for the motor, the parameters as below

  P2.00-- Position loop proportion

  P3.01-- Speed loop proportional gain 1

  P3.02-- Speed loop integral time constant 1

4: JOG Operation

  A: set P0-04 to be 1 (the speed mode)

  B:set P0-02 password as 1234

C:set JOG operation speed P3-19to be 100 or 200

5:shift interface to dn-01



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