AC Servo Motor And Servo Drive Solution For CNC Shrink Machine

- May 16, 2018-

AC Servo Motor and Drive Solution for CNC Shrink Machine


The principle of NC shrinking machine is similar to ordinary CNC lathes. It can automatically shrink the tube according to the programmed NC program, and can also complete the appropriate lathe process. The shape of the round tube can be controlled by the program and the surface finish is good; Insulation cups, cooling, solar energy and other accessories processing industry, can be dry filter, sterilizer, heater, sprayer, shunt, muffler, etc. for shrinking, pressure groove, flat end surface, through the hole and other processes of automated processing Compared with the traditional process, it can save a lot of materials and labor.

Machine function and debugging requirements

Equipment function requirements

1 Action description: Manually insert the nozzle of the pipe into the mold → Press the start button → Start the flaring process → Automatically return to the original point after completion → Manual exchange cycle;

2 processing cycle: ≤ 5 seconds;

3 adopts double station design, each station can independently shrink processing;

4 mold design adopts rapid mold changing mode design, mold switching can be completed within 10 minutes;

It is composed of the main parts of the main transmission mechanism, the clamping mechanism, the electrical system and the hydraulic system. During operation, the motor drives the oil pump to rotate, supplying pressure oil, and the controller issues commands to control the opening and closing of each solenoid valve so that the cylinders can be operated in a certain order and regular pattern. Under the action of the mold, the purpose of pipe end forming can be achieved. .

Shrinking machine requires accurate grinding of the object, which requires high precision for the servo and quick response.

System setup

The host computer is connected with the control end of the AC servo driver. The control mode is the position mode and the position command mode is the pulse + direction. The driver and the relevant computing substrate are fixed in the electric cabinet, and the AC servo driver receives the pulse command of the upper computer to drive the motor with the motivation to complete the corresponding action.


AC servo drive: ECN-GA3220B

AC servo motor: EC-110M100D

System: 928TD-L


CNC shrink machine equipped with ECON TECH'S AC servo drive and servo motor, can achieve automatic loading and unloading, stable operation, fast pace, high efficiency

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