AC Servo Motor And Servo Drive In CNC Machine

- May 21, 2018-

AC Servo Motor and Servo Drive in CNC Machine

CNC machine tools are based on digital manufacturing technology as the core of the mechanical and electrical integration of machine tools, usually by the control system, AC servo system, detection systems, mechanical transmission systems and other auxiliary systems. In CNC machine tools, the ac servo system receives the displacement and speed commands issued by the CNC system. After the transformation, adjustment, and totalization, the motor and mechanical transmission mechanism drive the machine axes, spindles, etc., and drive the worktable and tool holder through the shaft. The linkage creates a variety of complex mechanical movements of the tool relative to the workpiece to produce the complex shape of the workpiece required by the user.


It is divided into feeding servo motor and spindle servo motor according to the different transmission machinery in the machine tool.

The feed servo motor uses the coordinates of the CNC machine tool as the control object to generate the cutting feed motion of the machine tool. For this reason, it is required that the feed servo can quickly adjust the movement speed of the coordinate axes and accurately perform the position control. Specific requirements of its wide speed range, high displacement accuracy, good stability, fast dynamic response.

The spindle servo motor provides the cutting power required for machining various types of workpieces. Therefore, it is only necessary to complete the spindle speed control and forward/reverse function. However, when the machine tool is required to have functions such as thread machining, quasi-stop, and constant line speed machining, corresponding position control requirements are also put forward for the main shaft. Therefore, the output power is large, the constant torque section and constant power section are required, and the quasi-stop control is available. , spindle and feed linkage

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