AC Servo Motor And Servo Drive Use For Two-for-one Twisters

- May 15, 2018-

AC Servo Motor and Servo Drive use for two-for-one twisters



ECN-GA series AC servo products

The ECN-GA series servo drives are  ECON TECHs high performance, high voltage brushless AC servo drives. It drives 50 to 7.5KW AC servo motors, these AC servo drives offer high precision, excellent position following capability to make your motion control systems faster and more precise

Industry Introduction

The double twister is a twisting device that can realize two turns, and the twisting efficiency is doubled than that of the traditional twisting equipment. The volume of the package increases, the joints are 10,000 meters, the quality of the twisting is greatly improved, and the lower layer height is particularly suitable for operation.

The twister can bind two or more single yarns into strands by twisting, and enhances the performance of the original yarn to meet the needs of customers.


Double twister principle

The electronic forming function of the traverse section has the effect of anti-stacking and soft edges, and plays a key role in subsequent unwinding.

The spindle part is usually a frequency converter or an ordinary motor. The winding can be used with a frequency converter or a servo. The frequency converter has the function of real-time speed measurement. It can ensure that the number of revolutions of the spindle and the linear speed of the winding are constant through PID, and the stability of the product can be guaranteed.


1 High spindle speed, multiple single spindles, low yarn guide tension, optimized guide wire elements, perfect bobbin forming, double cone bobbin, no yarn contamination and uniform twist between spindle and spindle, ensuring the best yarn Line and cheese quality;

2 High efficiency with AC servo motor and AC servo drive controlled, low energy consumption, long maintenance intervals, low maintenance;

3 Wide range of twists, large range of fineness;

4 Quick-adjusting the spindle speed of the twister by means of a conversion device to produce low-end civilian filament yarns for use in apparel, curtains, woven fabrics, sewing threads, and warp protection.

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