AC Servo Motor And Stepper Motor Applied For Winder

- May 13, 2018-

AC servo motor and stepper motor applied for winder

With the continuous development of China's textile industry and the continuous increase in consumer demand, textile yarn companies are increasingly demanding for the winder, and new machines are replacing the old machines. But at the same time, after decades of operation and accumulation, many yarn companies, especially small and medium-sized yarn companies, still have a large number of old-fashioned models  in use. These machines, especially imported models, were originally purchased at high prices. If they continue to be used, business owners need to invest a lot of money (purchasing accessories) and manpower for maintenance, but machine performance cannot meet the technology requirements of high-grade yarns; if they are directly scrapped,the recovered funds are only equivalent to the sale of scrap metal materials. Therefore, many business owners are in a dilemma and suffer from no better choice. With the continuous improvement of the requirements of downstream manufacturers, yarn companies can only purchase new models first, while older models are in semi-cessation, occupying the company's production sites and funds.


Electrical components: Includes digital winding single-spindle controllers, AC servo motors for traverse axis, communications controllers, HMI, and matching cables and other accessories. As the core of the system digital coil single-spindle controller, the function includes:

A: With a AC servo motor/servo drive (traverse axis), a brushless DC servo motor or asynchronous motor (winding), two stepper motor/stepping motor (tension and oiled wax)and stepper drive

B:Two analog signal outputs for the control of speed-adjustable motors and cylinder proportional valves, such as overfeed motors and spool back pressure control for loose windings

C:With RS485 communication interface, used for single-spindle control to expand the speed control of single-spindle with other special function motors, such as overfeed motor

D:Two analog signal inputs for tape diameter measurement and winding tension sensor signal input

Mechanical parts: spindle boxes (traversing wheels, guide wheels, wire ropes, sliders/guides, guide wire hooks, ingots, boxes, covers, compression reeds, backrest rollers and brackets, gap adjustment brackets, etc.) Necessary accessories: installation fittings for winding encoders, yarn diameter sensors, button combinations, and ingot boxes

Digital winding technology profile:

Digital winding refers to bobbin rotation, traversing line and winding tension in the winding process, and each actuator adopts independent motor control. Through the real-time precise motion control of each motor, various winding modes of the bobbin can be realized.

Digital winding combines the advantages of random winding and precision winding. The ratio between double stroke and rotation is constant over a range of diameters, and the angle of crossover varies only within ±1°. Therefore, it is possible to avoid the occurrence of extremely high density of pile yarns in any area and to make the yarn density uniform. In addition, the yarn density does not change over the entire package diameter, the package always maintains a stable structure, and the unwinding characteristics are good. Unlike the randomly wound bobbins, the entire yarn layer “slips down” during unwinding. danger.

The winding machine adopting the digital winding technology can produce high-quality yarn reels with uniform density and good unwinding characteristics, which increases the added value of yarn products.

Outstanding advantages:

Winding operation speed is increased from 500 meters/minute of the old model to 900 meters/minute, and the production efficiency is increased by more than 80%, which greatly increases the output rate of the unit equipment;

The range of spinnable yarns has been expanded: from original denier yarns to high-staple yarns, fine denier filaments, etc.

Free choice of accessories: tension closed-loop overfeed system, oiled motor, etc. as an optional device, to provide customers with a new choice to expand the performance of the machine;

The core mechanical parts technology is mature, the industry has already passed the actual production test of the batch, the reliability is high;

Provide one-stop on-site service such as tailor-made design, manufacture, installation and commissioning. Customers only need to check the operation effect of the rewinding machine after transformation, save time and effort.


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