- May 13, 2018-


ECON TECH G series AC servo system is applied to the winding machine. It utilizes the characteristics of “ECON TECH” product with fast response and good stability, which satisfies the production process requirements of the winding machine, enhances system performance, and saves equipment costs. . The core of its control system consists of stepper drive and AC servo drive systems.

The winding machine is an important processing and production equipment widely used in the electronic and electrical industry. Its purpose is to use an enameled copper wire to wind the inductor coil. Winding machines have a wide range of applications in the manufacture of annular core voltage regulators, transformers, and current transformers.

In the winding machine equipment, the host computer generally uses a self-developed single-chip microcomputer, plus a text display to achieve automatic control, with the angle and the number of turns to set the magnetic range, using a stepper motor/stepping motor synchronous cable.At present, most domestic winder equipment manufacturers still use conventional induction motors with variable frequency speed control to complete the winding process. The low torque characteristics of such motors at low speeds make it necessary to select a relatively high-power motor to ensure that the motor is sufficiently started during the start-up phase. Torque completes dragging, and the large motor volume makes it difficult to miniaturize the device. The lack of positioning function In today's rising raw material prices, it also increases the hidden costs of equipment users. With the continuous development of technology, this drive method is gradually being replaced by AC servo or brushless DC servo motors that have the same reliability but are small in size and have better speed control performance


In order to realize its high-speed, stable, and very accurate coil winding, MCU is generally used in the design of the winding machine. The stepper motor and FM servo motor are used to realize the double-motor rotation winding, and the infrared and Hall are applied. Device detection for accurate measurement and control.

Take an example of a ring winding machine. During operation, the winding reels run at a high speed and the impact inertia of the windings is large. To ensure the quality of the winding and to avoid the breakage, the speed of the reel start and stop is from slow to fast. Then smooth transition from fast to slow. The upper computer outputs an analog voltage of -10V to +10V, which corresponds to a speed of -3000 RPM to 3000 RPM of the motor. The optimized output voltage curve of the host computer matches the high dynamic response characteristic of the ECON TECH’s AC servo motor, and the control is well completed. Claim. The equipment adopts synchronous belt drive method to drive the reel. The maximum speed of the winding can reach 1800 RPM. During the debugging, the characteristics of the motor under the default gain parameters may appear rigid due to the tightness of the installation of the timing belt. Through the simple adjustment of the gain parameters, the flexibility of the motor is effectively improved, and the winding operation is started and stopped. The process of low noise and peace. The automatic synchronous cable system in the equipment adopts ECON TECH’S nema23 or nema42 series stepper motor/stepping motor to drive multiple sets of active rubber wheels at the same time. The drive using H-bridge bipolar constant-phase flow subdivision drive technology makes the stepper motor not only accurate , And the operation noise is very small, so as to drive the core or the coil to evenly arrange the wires according to the setting direction and the line spacing.

Through the tacit cooperation with industry leaders and companies, ECON TECH's stepping motor/stepper motor and AC servo motor have been successfully used for many years in the ring winding machine, and more than 90% of the products are supplied to foreign markets. The reliable quality, excellent performance, and relatively low price of "ECON TECH" electric motors equipped with cost-effective products have been unanimously recognized by equipment manufacturers and users.

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