AC Servo Motor Fault And Troubleshooting

- Oct 23, 2017-

AC Servo Motor Fault And Troubleshooting

First,after motor power is on,motor can not turn,and no sound,no smell and smoke.

1.Fault Reason①power is not on(at least two phase is not on);②Fuse blown(at least two-phase blown);③ over-current relay is too small;④ control equipment wiring is incorrect.

2.Troubleshooting①check the power circuit switch,fuse,junction box whether there is a breakpoint,repair;② check the fuse type,fuse reason,change the new fuse;③adjust the relay settings and match with motor;④correct wiring.

Second,after the motor is power on,motor does not turn,and have hum noise

1.Fault causes ① rotor winding is broken (one phase broken) or power loss of a phase;② winding lead wire head/end wiring wrong or winding internal reverse;③power circuit contact loose,contact resistance;④ motor load is too large or rotor stuck;

 ⑤ power supply voltage is too low;⑥ small motor assembly is too tight or grease within the bearing is hard;⑦ bearing stuck.

2. Troubleshooting ①check the breakpoint and repair;② check the polarity of the winding;determine whether the end of the winding is correct;③tighten the loose wiring screws,with a multimeter to determine whether the joints are false,to be repaired;④ reduce load or detect and eliminate mechanical failure,⑤check whether the provisions of the surface of the wrong connection;whether the power cable is too thin leading to pressure drop too large,be corrected,⑥re-assembly to make flexible;replace qualified grease;⑦ repair bearings.

Third,the motor starting difficult,rated load,the motor speed is much lower than the rated speed

1. Failure causes ① power supply voltage is too low;② surface connection motor wiring error;③ rotor open welding or fracture;

 ④ rotor partial coil wrong or reverse;⑤repair motor windings increase the number of turns;⑥ motor overload.

2. Troubleshooting ① measure the power supply voltage,try to improve;② correct the connection;③ check open welding and breakpoints and repair;④ check the wrong place and correct;⑤ restore the correct number of turns;⑥reduce load

Fourth,the motor no-load current imbalance,three phase difference is large

1.Failure reasons ① winding the head/end is wrong;② power supply voltage imbalance; ③ winding inter-turn short circuit,coil reverse and other failures.

2.Troubleshooting ① check and correct;② measure the power supply voltage,try to eliminate the imbalance;③ eliminate winding fault.

Fifth,the motor running sound is abnormal

Failure reasons ① bearing wear or oil within the sand and other foreign matter;② rotor core loose;③ bearing lack of oil;④ power supply voltage is too high or uneven.

Troubleshooting ① replace the bearing or clean bearings;② maintenance the rotor core;③ refueling;④ check and adjust the power supply voltage.

Six,the working motor vibration is large

Failure reasons ①due to wear,bearing gap is too large;② air gap is not uniform;③ rotor imbalance;④ shaft bending;⑤coupling (pulley) coaxial degree is too low.

Troubleshooting ① maintenance bearings, if necessary, replacement;② adjust the air gap to uniform;③ calibration rotor dynamic balance;④ straightening shaft;⑤ re-calibration to meet the requirements.

Seven,bearing overheating

1.Failure reasons ① grease too much or too little;② poor oil contains impurities;③ bearing and journal or cover with improper (too loose or too tight);④ bearing hole eccentric,and rub with shaft;⑤ motor end cover or bearing cover is not flat;⑥motor and load coupling is not corrected,or the belt is too tight;⑦ bearing gap is too large or too small;⑧ motor shaft bending.

2.Troubleshooting ①according to the provisions to add grease (volume of 1 / 3-2 / 3);② replace the clean grease;③ too loose

can use adhesive to repair,too tight should lathe/polish journal or end cover hole to make suitable;④repair shaft cover,eliminate

rub;⑤re-assemably;⑥re-correct,adjust belt tension;⑦replace the new bearing;⑧correct the motor shaft or replace the rotor.

Eight,the motor overheating even smoke

The cause of the fault ① power supply voltage is too high;② power supply voltage is too low,the motor with rated load operation,the current is too large to make the winding heat;③ repair the removal of winding,the use of hot drawing improper,burn the core;④ motor overload or frequent start;⑤ the motor is short of phase,two-phase operation;⑥rewinding is set in the winding dipping is not sufficient;⑦environment temperature is high,motor surface has dirt,or ventilation channel block;

Troubleshooting ①reduce the power supply voltage (such as adjusting the power supply transformer tap);② increase the power supply voltage or change thicker power supply cable;③repair the core,troubleshooting;④ load reduction;according to the required number to control start;⑤restore three-phase operation;⑥the use of secondary dipping and vacuum impregnation process;⑦cleaning motor,improve the ambient temperature,use cooling measures.

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