- May 13, 2018-


The inkjet industry is the industry with a higher profit margin in China's current advertising market, as it has broad market prospects for a variety of applications. Advertising needs a strong expression, and traditional advertising services such as lettering and fabrics have not kept pace with the needs of the modern society. Inkjets make up for the deficiencies of traditional methods, with more gorgeous colors, more varied arts and richer combinations of elements. So many advertisers eventually choose inkjet printing. To cater to the domestic market, some manufacturers began to develop and produce their own brand inkjet printers based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology.


The inkjet printer system consists of an industrial computer, a dedicated inkjet controller or control board card, and an inkjet printer. The basic working principle: First, the typesetting software installed in the computer for typesetting, and then convert the typesetting information to the control board or inkjet controller, and then the control card or controller to convert these information to the nozzle track and spray control

The inkjet machine part is mainly driven by a AC servo motor to X-Y platform, and the two-dimensional movement of the nozzle is controlled by receiving the pulse signal of the control card. There are 2 Y-axes and 1 X-axis. The Y-axis has heavy load and adopts a gantry structure. The two servo motors move in the opposite direction and require high synchronization. The gear box is installed to synchronize the toothed belt to drive the gantry. The X-axis load is primarily a nozzle mechanism located above the gantry.

The X-axis and Y-axis mechanisms respectively realize the real-time position and velocity feedback of the nozzle through a grating scale, and then adjust the position and rotation speed of the motor through the control card, so that the nozzles can set the trajectory according to the program to inject ink, and finally complete the colorful pictures. The stability and repeatability of the motor play a decisive role in the entire motion control process

Through the joint efforts and cooperation of our company and customers in this industry, ECON TECH's all-digital AC servo motor and driver have been successfully applied to inkjet printer equipment. ECON TECH's all-digital AC servo motor adopts high energy density design and high performance permanent magnet material, small size, high torque, high efficiency, stable operation, low noise; high resolution encoder feedback, with very high positioning Accuracy.

     The superior performance of the motor and driver ensures the smoothness and accuracy of the nozzle movement. In terms of operational effects, it is completely comparable to the imported servo system, and has superior advantages in terms of cost performance. The actual application performance of the ECON TECH servo motor system on inkjet equipment has been recognized by customers.

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