AC Servo Motor Solution For Underwear Machine

- May 17, 2018-

AC Servo Motor Solution for Underwear Machine


Abstract: Based on the analysis of the working principle of underwear machine, this paper analyzes the characteristics of seamless underwear circular machine control system and its control object, studies the overall control strategy, designs the industrial computer with FPGA device, and realizes I/O expansion. At the same time, the modular design of the drive circuit is used to control the needle selector, air valve, stepper motor and servo motor to complete the real-time control of the triangulation mechanism, yarn guide tube, knitting needle and cylinder needle position.

This article describes the application of ECON TECH'S series AC servo system in underwear machine, and provides the setting of the key parameters of the servo driver.

1. Introduction

The computerized knitted underwear machine adopts an advanced full-computer control system. It can make false alarms for failures, illegal operations, and unsafe factors that occur in various knitting processes, making the operator safer and making the knitting more smooth. The computerized knitted underwear machine can woven into any style of underwear using natural, synthetic, artificial and other raw materials of various fibers and yarns. With the improvement of living standards, the demand for computer underwear machines is increasing, and the requirements are relatively improved. , Servo applications in the underwear machine is also logical.

2. Underwear machine principle

The general structure of the underwear machine The knitting machine is mainly composed of a yarn feeding or yarn feeding mechanism, a knitting mechanism, a drawing winding mechanism, a transmission mechanism, an electronic control mechanism and an auxiliary mechanism. Customers can organize any kind of flat cloth, jacquard and tissue molding garments and various underwear designs through computers. Special instructions are issued at all levels of the organization. These instructions control needle selectors and servo drives on knitting machines, with adjustable and density. Adjust and weave the various objects you want to produce. The computerized knitted underwear machine is mainly composed of a control program, a transmission system, a complete device, a number of loops, and a tucking device. Control program: Through the independent research and development integrated circuit controls the output used, receives the procedure and the data through the USB interface. Transmission system: Servo motor, through the belt drive. Completion device: The use of stepper motor independent control, each channel can quickly change the density. Tucking device: It is composed of 8 tuck triangles and adopts cylinder control. Lingerie machine outline drawing like chart one shows:


3.Requirements and functions

A. High positioning accuracy (requires no more than 4 pulses per positioning error)

B With normal stop and emergency stop function; (ie, when the motor is running, pressing the stop button or the emergency stop button can stop the machine quickly and smoothly, and can start quickly and smoothly when starting.)

C. With the origin regression function;

D. High-speed and stable operation; (can be matched with the feed speed of the front filling production line, and can realize any adjustment of the rotating positioning mechanism rotation speed of 1~1000r/min.)

E. Can display the servo's working status and fault information visually on the man-machine interface;

F. With reverse rotation function.


ECON TECH'S AC servo MOTOR has the advantages of quick response, high precision, low noise, high stability, and flexible operation. The knitted underwear was tested and all indicators met the requirements. Currently has a wide range of applications in the seamless underwear machine industry.

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