AC Servo Motor And Servo Motor Controller Applied For Hosiery Machine

- May 17, 2018-

AC Servo Motor and Servo Motor Controller Applied for Hosiery Machine


With the increasingly fierce market competition, users have put forward higher technology and more reasonable cost-effective requirements for the required products. With its outstanding performance, ECON TECH AC servo system has completed the transformation of the product's processing process, processing technology and comprehensive performance, and it has been widely used in the industrial field. This article takes a sock machine factory in Zhejiang Province with ECON TECH ECN-GA series AC servo driver to produce socks as an example. It details the application of ECN-GA series AC servo driver in socks production, and shows that the ECN-GA series AC servo driver is excellent. The control performance can fully meet the precise, fast, stable and reliable requirements of the spring manufacturing process.

Socks machines can be divided into two categories: flat socks machines and round socks machines. The products of flat socks machines are formed socks. After the socks are sewn, they are made into socks. They are generally used to weave long socks. Due to low productivity, Use less. Circular socks machine products are cylindrical shaped socks. Round socks machines can be divided into two types: single cylinder and double cylinders.

ECON TECH ECN-GA series special AC servo driver also has strong competitiveness in the sock machine industry with its superior performance and cost performance. At the same time, it also improves the competitiveness of sock machine equipment in the market. This hosiery machine fully combines the advantages of fast response, precise positioning and smooth operation of ECON TECH ECN-GA series servo drives. Through the long-term use of customers, the socks processed are all in line with the requirements of customers. All the indicators have met the requirements, and the stability and reliability have been affirmed by users. At the same time, it also improves production efficiency and maximizes customer satisfaction.


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