AC Servo Drive And Servo Motor Solution For Automatic Transparent Film Packaging Machine

- May 16, 2018-

AC servo drive and Servo Motor Solution for Automatic Transparent Film Packaging Machine


Three-dimensional packaging machine, also known as three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine, cigarette package machine, transparent film hexahedral folding cold packaging machine, transparent film packaging machine. The machine uses BOPP film or PVC as the packaging material, and the packaged goods form a three-dimensional hexahedral folding and bagging device. Widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, health care products, audio and video products, stationery, daily necessities, and other three-dimensional body packaging outside the transparent film packaging (packaging effect and the same cigarette

working principle

The packaging film is cut by a cutter to fit the required length of the packaging. The small packaging box is transported by the conveyor, the cylinder pushes the stacking (by the required method and quantity), and the wrapping and folding envelope constitute a medium-sized packaging. Because the device does not heat, the heat-sealing oven of the packaging machine will be heated by the packaged target as a whole, and a part of the package is selected to be packaged at a low temperature, which will not cause a temperature change in the package inside the package, and is called a cold package machine.


New system

The system is controlled by two AC servo motors to push the packaging box and the roller fixed length under the need of packaging. In addition to these two AC servo motor movements, it is divided into cut film, folding angle, easy-pull wire, upper fold, lower fold and side seal. Hot, plastic, left and right hot, transition plate, conveying, blowing. These actions are controlled by the corresponding cylinders.

Original system

The system originally used the traditional cylinder to achieve the operation of the push rod. With the development of science and technology, due to a series of advantages such as precise AC servo motor control, fast operation speed, and easy maintenance, replacing the cylinder with a AC servo motor is bound to become the mainstream of the new era. Significantly increased work efficiency, from the first 20-40 packets per minute, to 40-55 packets per minute.


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