AC Servo Motor And Servo Motor Controller For Labeling Machine

- May 15, 2018-

AC Servo Motor and Servo motor Controller for labeling machine



Industry introduction

labeling technology is to put the product label on various types of bottle-type items, mostly fruit juice, tea beverages, dairy products, purified water, condiments, beer, sports drinks and other food and beverage industries, the industry through the labeling machine Realize rapid and accurate labeling. People's constant pursuit of various types of food also determines the continuous development of the labeling industry.


Introduction of labeling machine

The labeling process of the labeling machine is carried out by feeding cutting sleeves. The wrapping paper and the bottle are conveyed at the same time. The function of cutting the wrapping paper is achieved by the servo, and then the bottle is put on again.


Solution for labeling machine

The bottle labeling function is realized by 4 inverters and 2 AC servo motor and 2 AC servo drives

Three inverters are used to realize the process of conveying the bottles. One inverter and one AC servo motor are used to realize the feeding process of the wrapping paper, and another AC servo motor realizes the cutting action of the plastic paper.




Easy to operate

In the touch screen mountain direct parameter modification, data monitoring and other operations, intuitive and convenient.

Reduce losses

The ECN-GA-B series AC servo drive and motor frequently starts and stops in high-speed operation with low noise, which reduces mechanical losses and improves efficiency.

Fast speed, excellent performance

The ECN-GA-B series AC servo drive and motor has high computational speed and high drive response. The output can reach 320 pcs/min under high-speed operation.

High degree of integration

The entire control system was independently developed by ECON TECH, with a high degree of integration and good stability.

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