AC Servo System For Liquid Chromatography Device

- May 09, 2018-

AC servo system for liquid chromatography device

The ECON TECH AC servo system is applied to a high performance liquid chromatograph and provides a high performance, high efficiency, and more optimized implementation solution based on the liquid chromatograph production process requirements.

High-performance liquid chromatography is a high-performance separation instrument that is different from the classical liquid chromatograph. It has a high-performance column, a high-precision infusion device, a high-sensitivity detection instrument, and so on, achieving high resolution and sensitivity. And analysis speed, widely used in medicine, environmental protection, petrochemical, life science, food industry and other fields. This article describes an example of application of high-performance liquid chromatograph based on the servo  system “Sendome” of the company.


High-performance liquid chromatography mainly includes sample inject system, infusion system, separation system, detection system and data processing system.

1: sample inject system

Generally, the injection operation is completed between the diaphragm injector or high pressure injection, and the injection volume is constant. This is useful for improving the reproducibility of analytical samples

2. Infusion system

The system consists of an infusion pump, a mobile phase reservoir, and a gradiometer. The infusion pump ensures that the flow rate is adjustable and stable, and the stable flow rate can reduce the diffusion effect of the sample in the column, and the higher moving speed of the liquid in the column is favorable for increasing the resolution, recovering the sample, and maintaining the biological activity of the sample. The storage error of the mobile phase and the gradiometer can make the mobile phase change with the nature of the stationary phase and the sample, which allows effective separation of various substances.

3. Separation system

Separation systems include columns, connecting tubes, and thermostats.

4. Detection Systems

The detectors commonly used in HPLC are UV detectors, refractive index detectors, and fluorescence detectors.

5. Data processing system

The data processing system collects, stores, displays, prints, and processes test data, enabling the proper separation, preparation, or identification of the sample.


The ECON TECH AC servo motor system is used in the infusion system of the device. It uses the position mode to receive the pulse of the upper computer to realize real-time speed regulation, and drives the follow-up cam mechanism to ensure the fast and stable liquid flow. The motor is directly connected to the cam structure, and the rigidity of the servo motor itself is required during operation. At the same time, due to the environmental restrictions of the application environment, the noise requirements for the motor operation are also high. Through the adjustment and optimization of the internal PID parameters of the servo driver, the system can fully reach the system. Strict requirements make the entire equipment run at its best.

Through years of operation and verification, it has been shown that high performance liquid chromatography has received good economic and social benefits in various industrial applications and is worthy of widespread promotion and use. The ECON TECH AC servo motor also fully reflects its own superior performance and is well received by users.

Facts have proved that since the launch of the brand of motion control products, ECON TECH AC servo motor has applied successfully in textile, machining, laser, engraving, printing, medical, packaging, military, electronics, pharmaceutical, financial equipment and other industries. Has been recognized and accepted by the majority of users, becoming one of the preferred brands for motion control motors and drives in China.


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