AC Servo System For Router Application

- Sep 25, 2017-

AC servo system for cnc router


With the development of numerical control engraving technology, the precision of sculptures is better and better, and it can be instead of human for cutting and splicing to save more time and get more high accuracy .now ,many types of materials can be processed by cnc router machine. the job is more easier and faster, and the products s more delicacy and beautiful

2:Technology description

The cnc router is mainly combined by 3 parts ,PC,cnc router controller ,main mechanical body.The CAM software is installed in PC ,and the designed drawing is exported to cnc router controller ,which will transfer drawing to the pulse command to AC servo drive and  motor . the tool on the Z axis follows the command ,and engrave the materials
The cnc router machine as follow image 



3:The advantage of ECON technology AC servo drive and motor for cnc router machine
A:high accuracy and response, that can make the machine work smoothly with low noise and low vibration

B:The 3times overload function can match requirement for the variable load of router machine

C:The protuner can track the speed curve ,that can help user to adjust the parameter improve the performance


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