Application Of Hybrid Servo

- Jun 21, 2016-

Application of Hybrid servo

Subject:Hybrid servo,it is also called easy servo.When display hybrid servo on fair,many visitors ask,what is a hybrid servo,and how to use it.As already explained what is a hybrid servo in another article,here focus on the application of hybrid servo.

Why do we develop hybrid servo?

Before hybrid servo come out,market was occupied by stepper system and servo system.But users always face a problem:there are machines if use stepper system,the process effect is not well,while use servo system,it is good but cost goes up.Under this situation,easy servo is developed by some companies.

Use a hybrid servo?

Hybrid servo can replace stepper system,but it is no need to use hybrid servo to replace all steppers.Anyway,hybrid servo is a little expensive than stepper.It is very important to understand your machine first,then decide to use which kind of executive system.Sometimes,need to test on machines.Nowadays,hybrid servo is widely used on router machine.So when meet router machine,suggest to use easy servo,as many users verified that easy servo works better on router machine than steppers.In Chinese,almost all router machines use hybrid servo to replace standard steppers.It is a trend.This is typical industrial application.Also,easy servo performs very well in packing device,cutting machine,laser device and robot.Of course,it should work well on other machines too.It takes time and ask for engineers to join in to improve hybrid servo. 

If somebody would like to discuss hybrid servo application on router machine,can send e-mail to,ECON engineers will reply all your questions about this.It is also a good learning for ECON company.

Hybrid Servo

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