Apply CNC Motion Technology On Worm Milling Machine

- Oct 25, 2017-

CNC Motion Technology Applied in Worm Milling Machine

In order to adapt to the competitive market environment,enterprises must consider the economic and social benefits to improve their production efficiency and reduce the cost to adapt to the market economy.In the process of market research,enterprises have more requirements on the equipment industry technical level and the degree of modernization,in order to improve manufacturing capacity and level,improve adaptability and competitiveness of the dynamic and volatile market economy 

Therefore,numerical control in the modern manufacturing industry,occupy a dominant position.In the course of A company 

inspection,the company proposed CNC technology that applied to the worm milling machine (special equipment),in order to 

improve production efficiency and processing quality,reduce labor intensity,in order to achieve improved economic and social benefits.

1 Worm milling machine working principle and efficiency

Worm milling machine,as a special equipment,mainly used for circular multi-head worm shaft processing.As shown in Figure 1,the working principle is:the workpiece 10 with a clip of a clamping method,the main force for the main motor 1 driven workpiece 10 and the knife 11 rotation,tool feed through the feed motor 5 feed the screw 13,the drive tool holder moves quickly,the feed tool push the feed handwheel 6 to make the tool holder feeding evenly,the workpiece 10 and tool holder11 rotation ratio is adjusted by the wheel,the cutter I, II,â…¢ each lap process to the same spiral groove on both sides of the workpiece and the bottom at same time(Single-headed worm),if is double-headed worm,then adjust the wheel,through the turntable rotation twice to process on the worm one time,and then through the hand wheel feeding,and then processing.As the secondary processing requires manual feeding,and remember the number of revolutions of the knife turret,then can feed,and processing margin is large,the operator strong labor intensity,if have omission,must be re-processing,and processing accuracy is not high,must one person one machine,thus making the processing efficiency is low,strong labor intensity,product quality is low, high scrap rate.Finally affect the production efficiency and economic efficiency.


2.Bring forward questions and program design

In order to change the above situation,A company proposed CNC technology applied to the worm milling machine equipment, 

through the NC technology to change the machining accuracy and reduce operator's labor intensity,thereby enhancing production efficiency and reduce costs.

Through the working principle of the above-mentioned worm milling machine and the analysis of the malpractice in the course of operation,it is necessary to change the transmission precision and feeding mode of the equipment.The workpiece rotation use spindle servo motor to achieve accurate division,transmission use ball screw drive,improve the feed accuracy,tool holder rotation use sub-circle technology,and the rotation change to precision turbine worm drive,servo motor for indexing,can achieve rapid rotation and evenly cutting,and can rotate with the workpiece interpreting motion.Improvements can improve the accuracy and quality of the products,reduce the operator's labor intensity,reduce the number of operators,shorten the processing time,thereby improving production efficiency and economic benefits.

3.The Application Principle and Efficiency of Numerical Control Technology in Worm Gear

The numerical control technology is applied to the worm milling machine. As shown in Fig. 2,the working process is that the

machining program is run by the numerical control system,and the movement command is issued to each axis,and the servo motor

is controlled by the servo driver.The numerical control system sends out the instruction to the servo drive,the servo drive drives the servo motor to run,the rotary encoder send the feedback to the servo drive,and  drive returns the information to the system to ensure that the displacement is accurate,then machining accuracy is ensured.


CNC worm gear machine working principle:servo spindle motor 2 accept the motion command to rotate,and take the workpiece

rotation or orientation, indexing and other displacement,according to the worm pitch and head count different,the system according to the procedures issued corresponding instructions.At the same time, the feed motor 8 drives the ball screw 7 to rotate,so that the tool holder is moved back and forth (feed or retract).When the spindle rotates, the tool holder rotates and the servomotor 5 receive the motion command and rotates with the spindle for interpreting motion,take tool holder to do fast rotation or evenly rotation, fast rotates one angle,when the cutterI is close to the workpiece,it is rotated at evenly speed and the machining is carried out on the side of the spiral groove.The tool is moved away from the workpiece at a fixed angle and the tool holder starts to rotate quickly.After turn a fixed angle,milling cutterâ…¡ close to the workpiece,the uniform rotation,processing on the other side of the spiral groove,the tool turn a fixed angle away from the workpiece,the knife begin to do fast rotation,after turning a fixed angle,cutterIII close to workpiece, it is rotated at a constant speed and the bottom of the spiral groove is machined.When the tool is turn away from the workpiece at a fixed angle,the first cutting process is completed and the signal switch 10 takes the signal of the rotation of the tool holder for one round,and send to system.The system will issue a feed command,the next cutting (single-headed worm);double-headed worm,after the system receive the knife one round rotation signal,will issue instructions,so that the spindle indexing, and then,with the tool holder to interpolate the movement,processing the second spiral,when the turret rotate one round later,sends a signal to system,and system will issue a feed instruction to do next cutting,So repeated until the spiral groove machining depth in place.The workpiece is finished.

CNC technology applied in the machine to improve the accuracy of each axis transmission,and ensure the accuracy of parts processing,reducing the operator's labor intensity,shorten the processing time,ensure the quality and consistency of the workpiece,and changed one person one machine situation,to achieve a multi-machine production model,reducing production costs,thereby enhancing economic and social benefits.

In summary,numerical control technology and numerical control equipment as the core equipment of modern manufacturing,the

application of CNC technology is a revolution for the enterprise,improve the manufacturing capacity and level of enterprises,at the same time,improve adaptability and competitiveness of the dynamic and volatile market economy. 

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