Argentina Customer Order The 4 Axis Motion Controller(milling Controller)

- Sep 10, 2018-

Argentina Customer Order the 4 axis Motion Controller(milling controller) For Easy servo System

 Danile is our company old friend,before he takes one ECN4000TM(4 axis cnc milling controller) to make a platform show to their customers.This time he order 2pcs 4 axis milling controller for his customers,and our motion controller will work with easy servo driver and easy servo motor. Below is the purchase details.

1. 2 ECN4000TM(4 axis milling controller)

    accessories: 1)cables

                      2)I/O board

2. 1pc ECN4A(handwheel)

Actually, one of our Mexico customer prefer to use closed loop stepper system on small/medium size milling/lathe machine,he always take our company 8.5Nm closed loop stepper motor and our driver TS808D to replace ac servo system.


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