Brushless DC Servo System In Logistics Intelligent Sorting System

- Apr 13, 2018-

Brushless DC Servo System in Logistics Intelligent Sorting System

The system uses the ECON technology DC brushless servo system to drive the belt to form a classification device. Multiple sets of classification devices cascade to form a delivery device.

Manually sort the products to be sorted on the sorting device. The transport device drives the goods to the corresponding sorting crossing under the drive of the frequency converter and the linear motor. At this time, the control device controls the action of the sorting device, and the goods of the same type enter the sorting crossing. and complete the sorting .



In a complete automated logistics and warehousing system, transportation and sorting equipment is the key delivery device in logistics automation, with the cost accounting for as high as 36%.


The intelligent logistics sorting system equipped with ECON technology DC brushless servo system fully achieves the desired results, improves the efficiency of sorting systems, and has certain promotional value.

Brushless DC Servo Product Features:


●The driving brushless servo motor speed can be over 5000RPM

●Continuous output current 12A,peak current 36A(3 times over-load ability) 
● Accept differential and single-end  PUL/DIR command, have position/speed/torque control mode
●Adopt advanced magnetic oriented control technology(FOC) and space vector PWM control technology (SVPWM)

Adopt advanced variable current and variable frequency technology, it can reduce motor and drive heating and vibration.

●The counts of pulse per lap can be set by ProTuner or DIP switches

● 6 lines IO digital signal isolated input function,2 lines is high-speed digital signal input  

● 2 lines isolated IO output,it’s OC output, output MAX is 100mA

● 0—5VDC  and 0-10V analog speed adjust function

●Match with 28,42,57,80 and 86 frame size brushless servo motor

●Support over- voltage,under-voltage,over-current,over-error protections 
● Single/double pulse mode, pulse valid edge is optional

●The max pulse frequency is 500KHZ,(the default is 200KHZ) 
●can match with 1000~5000PPR encoder, default is 1000PPR

●Support RS232 or RS486 debugging function and control function 
●Work smoothly, small overshoot, small tracking error and low heating  


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