CANopen DC Servo System In Intelligent Sorting

- May 09, 2018-

BLDC Servo System in Intelligent Sorting

At present, the developed countries represented by Europe, the United States, and Japan are becoming more and more automated in the application of mail sorting systems. The intelligent sorting system has become an integral part of large and medium-sized logistics centers, distribution centers and express delivery stations, and is also widely used in the postal industry.

Compared with the international logistics industry environment, China's technology in the sorting system is still relatively backward compared to developed countries. The situation of manual sorting operations is very common. The use of auxiliary picking technologies such as electronic tags and RFs is not much, and intelligent picking There are few systems. In general, the application of the sorting system in China presents the characteristics of not being widely used in automation systems and equipment, and having a low level of intensification.

EOCN TECH relied on the advantages of its own core technology to accurately grasp the developmental pulse of international advanced servo drive technology and successfully launched T2-CAN all-digital high performance DC brushless servo drive system products. EOCN TECH aimed at the market and development trend of domestic intelligent sorting systems and successfully implemented the control and application of T2-CAN brushless DC drive system in the sorting industry. The T2-CAN all-digital high-performance brushless DC servo drive system has made major breakthroughs in communication functions, servo full-closed loop control, high-precision positioning and servo field commissioning. Its control characteristics and technical level and foreign high-performance servo system Development synchronization

1.       Working principle and schematic diagram of automatic sorting system

Each bar code is affixed with a bar code on the surface. The upper device conveys the package to the sorting device. The sorting belt conveyor is pulled by the chain and moves on the sorting track. After the bar code scanner, the bag is sorted. The information is collected by a barcode scanner into a computer control system, where data is analyzed and processed, and the time required for the parcel to reach the designated sorting grid is calculated by the single-chip microcomputer so that the computer control system sends a signal when the parcel arrives at the sorting grid. By controlling the electric drum start belt conveyor to sort the mail bags to the specified grid to achieve the purpose of sorting


The outstanding advantages of T2-CAN brushless DC servo driver

1:CANopen communication function: Realizes the application of CANopen communication protocol in the servo system, and defines four types of standard communication interfaces: SDO (service data object), PDO (process data object), NMT (system management command) and special objects. Communication, network management, and emergency handling functions, physical media based on the ISO1189 standard.

2: Servo full-closed loop control: For the equipment with high positioning accuracy or high dynamic response, the accuracy error caused by the intermediate link drive is solved, and the high-accuracy and high-responsive positioning is finally achieved.


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