Canopen Stepper Driver Closed Loop Stepper Drive And Dc Brushless Servo Driver

- Oct 25, 2017-

Product Introduction

T2-CAN is our new CANopen bus driver,applied the latest 32-bit DSP digital processing technology,the driver control algorithm use advanced variable current technology and advanced frequency technology, low heat,low vibration,smooth operation.The user can set any ID address within 1-255 and any current value within the rated current to meet the needs of most applications.The bus driver can drive two-phase open-loop stepper motor,three-phase open-loop stepper motor,hybrid servo motor,DC brushless servo motor.As a result of the use of built-in micro-step technology,even in the low micro-step conditions,also achieve high-segment effect,low-speed /high-speed operation are very smooth,ultra-low noise.The driver integrates the parameters of the automatic setting function,can automatically generate the optimal operating parameters for different motors,to maximize the performance of the motor.



Product Features

● New 32-bit DSP technology

● 1 line 0-5V analog input

● 4-way optocoupler isolated OC output

● Parameter auto tuning function

● Variable current control greatly reduces the motor heat 

● The current automatically halved at rest

● can drive a variety of motor, stepper motor, closed loop stepper motor, DC brushless servo motor

● 5 optical isolation signal input, 2 of which for high-speed optocoupler isolation

● Communication frequency up to 1MHz (factory default 1MHz)

● The current setting is convenient and can be arbitrarily selected between 0.1-6A

● The micro-step setting range is 200-51200

● With over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current protection function

Product Appalication

Suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized automation equipment and instruments, such as: AGV, speed door, engraving machine, marking machine, cutting machine, laser phototypesetting, plotter, CNC machine tools, automatic assembly equipment.



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