Cautions To Replace Servo Motor

- Nov 13, 2017-


Cautions to Replace Servo Motor

Equipment applications,we may encounter some situations,need to replace the motor,that is,with the newer servo motor to replace

the original model.These conditions may include: expired products,cost savings considerations,delivery issues or the application

of new technologies.While this seems like a simple product replacement,there are many important factors to consider when it comes to the details of each application.

In the motor replacement process,which points often need to consider and pay attention to.

Reasonable motivation:

Regardless of the circumstances and causes of the motor replacement,one of the most important aspects that must be clearly and momentarily kept in mind is risk aversion.

Equipment in the "upgrade" process may occur a variety of problems,a good product replacement should be able to do to minimize

the number of potential problems.Without taking very cautious management of potential risks that may arise in motor replacement

will result in equipment system problem and failure.

Encoder Resolution

If the original system resolution is low,such as using low-resolution speed or position feedback devices such as resolver feedback,it is worth considering the use of high-resolution feedback device,such as resolution can reach more than 220 lines per turn Sin / Cos type encoder.This allows for greater flexibility in load / rotor inertia matching.For example,using a high-resolution device to increase the system feedback resolution will give an opportunity to use a motor with a rotor inertia of only 1/3 ~ 1/2 of the original motor when replace the motor.This method has been successfully applied in many cases.

Speed and torque

Matching speed and torque is also very important.The performance of the new replacement motor needs to be able to meet or exceed the original motor.Therefore it is very important to review and evaluate every motor parameter(continuous torque, rated speed ... etc.)at the time of motor replacement to ensure that there is no short board.

Other considerations

Is the servo motor the only part of the equipment that needs to be replaced? Usually a servo motor replacement also means the replacement of some related components,such as: servo drives,servo cables,and sometimes even the controller.So in this case,the difference of the motor winding also becomes a factor that we need to consider (if follow the manufacturer's advice)

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