China First International Standard Of Machines:IEC/TS60204-34

- Aug 20, 2016-

China first International Standard of Machines:IEC/TS60204-34

IEC/TS60204-34,is <safety of machinery-Electrical equipment of machines-Part 34:Requirements 

for machine tools),was republished as the international standard on 9th,August,2016. The standard 

goes through hardship,while it is finished successful.It was started in 20th,Janauary,2012.To move 

forward this project,Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute set up IEC60204-34 international 

working group,China-Japan unite working group and China working group.The experts in international 

group are from America,Germany,Japan,Korea,Spain,Sweden and China,they suspected this project at 

beginning,but China working group do much works to make them believe.Now,this standard break the 

situation that developed countries lead to draw up machine tools international standard.

This standard provide "safety specifications for machinery's electric,electronic,CNC and 

programmable electronic device or system",it is one of the core safety standard.It will affect 

China's machinery safety and export/import trade directly.

Our company is engaged in CNC field,so this standard will affect ECON's product too,from hybrid 

servo,stepper,servo control system to motion controller. Anyway,we will study this standard,

and obey its safety requirements.

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