Stepping Servo/Closed-Loop Stepping Motor For Genetic Analyzer

- Apr 18, 2018-

Stepping servo/Closed-Loop Stepping Motor for Genetic Analyzer


The Genetic Analyzer is a high-tech instrument with the following features:

Ø  High precision required within 5μm

Ø  High speed requirements

Ø  Requires small size motor

Ø  No pollution to the external environment

A machine manufacturer experienced the following three options

Stepping motor

Although the traditional stepper motor has the advantages of low cost and simple use, the customer has rejected the stepping motor system because it always has the risk of losing the step. During the stage of demonstration, customers have also considered the compromise between stepper motors and encoders. However, this solves the problem of out-of-step, but brings other corresponding problems: the signal of the encoder must be controlled by the controller. Processing, control is not only complex, the system response is also slow, but also increases the hardware cost of the control and the cost of software and debugging.

AC servo motor

At present, the minimum installation size of the servo motor is 40×40 mm, and since the AC servo motor adopts a 220 VAC power supply, it will cause the noise to the other equipment. The stepping servo/closed-loop stepper motor can achieve a minimum of 20 × 20mm, and t use 24VDC power supply, almost no pollution to other equipment.

The stepping servo/closed-loop stepper motor

With a stepping servo/closed-loop stepper motor, it is as simple and easy as using a stepper motor. And since the driver uses a 32-bit DSP processor, itr can process the encoder's signal at a high speed, absolutely no step-lost, no need to increase the cost of any hardware and software in the control; the accuracy of the closed-loop stepper motor is 4000 Pulse/revolution, the maximum speed of 3,000 rev / min; there is no overshoot and no backward and forward swing adjustment.

The customer fully recognizes the overall cost-effectiveness, and believes that the closed-loop stepper motor has high accuracy, high speed, easy tuning, and no vibration and noise when the equipment is running,

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