Closed Loop Stepper System Use For Router Machine

- Oct 09, 2017-

Closed loop stepper system use for CNC router machine

First,the use of router machine performance evaluation has two most important indicators:

(1) processing speed:processing speed directly affect the production efficiency,the higher processing speed,the higher production efficiency

(2) stable operation,long time processing without dislocation.During processing,if occurs emergence dislocation,will result in processing materials waste,such as expensive mahogany material,customer loss will be great,all using customers do not want to happen dislocation situation to reduce processing loss.

Second,the stepper motor is the main drive mechanism of router machine,due to high-speed characteristics of stepper motor,stepper motor torque decreases very fast at high speed;that is the higher the speed of the engraving machine,stepper motor output torque is smaller.In order to ensure the stability of engraving,engraving machine acceleration can not run too fast,if the processing speed is too fast,then will happen step lost,resulting in processing dislocation.

The current use of the stepper motor open-loop control,when the load is too heavy,the transmission part has foreign body stuck,the spindle stuck and load increases,will cause stepper motor frequency loss,engraving processing exists dislocation risk.

Third,the use of closed-loop stepper motor can effectively enhance the overall performance of the CNC router machine,as stepper

motor is closed-loop control,the easy servo drive can be implemented to monitor the working state of the hybrid servo motor to achieve precise positioning,according to the size of the load to adjust closed loop stepper motor current, to achieve intelligent

control,can effectively avoid stepping motor lost step problems,can effectively improve the engraving machine speed.

With the higher requirements from customers,open-loop stepper system will be replaced by closed loop stepper system one day.

So CNC router machine manufactures or users,it is better to use closed loop stepper system to improve competitiveness

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