Comparison Of Analog Signal And Digital Signal

- Jul 17, 2018-

Comparison of Analog signal and Digital Signal

Whether the analog signal is good or the digital signal is good, many people will say digital signals, but why is the digital signal good? Then there are quite a few people who can't answer it, exactly analog and digital signals.

What is the advantages and disadvantages?

The advantages of analog communication are intuitive and easy to implement, but there are two major drawbacks.

 1) Poor confidentiality

Analog communications, especially microwave communications and wireline communications, are easily eavesdropped. As long as the analog signal is received, it is easy to get the communication content.

 2) weak anti-interference ability

During the transmission along the line, the electrical signal is subject to various noises from the outside and the communication system. It is difficult to separate the noise and the signal, which makes the communication quality degrade. The more the line

Long, the accumulation of noise is more.

 3) Not suitable for long distance transmission

 Digital transmission advantages

 1) Strengthened the confidentiality of communications.

 2) Improved anti-interference ability.

 3) An integrated digital communication network can be constructed. After time-division exchange, transmission and exchange are unified, and an integrated digital communication network can be formed.

 4) Suitable for long distance transmission

 Since the digital signal can be continuously reconstructed by shaping and decision during transmission, it can realize the pole of high-quality long-distance transmission fiber with no noise accumulation and no nonlinear distortion.

Wide transmission bandwidth and minimal transmission loss make the wide application of digital communication possible. Compared with traditional analog optical transmission, digital video optical transmission has the following remarkable features:

1) Cascading, as the distance increases, the SNR signal-to-noise ratio does not decrease.

 2) Because it is a digital transmission method, it adopts digital coding error correction method, which has high stability and high reliability.

3) When multi-channel signals are transmitted simultaneously, digital time division multiplexing (TMD) is used, which does not produce intermodulation distortion during analog transmission.

4) Good stability, high environmental adaptability, easy to maintain and adjust than analog transmission system.

5) It is easy to realize large-capacity transmission and cost-effective.

6) With uncompressed coding, the image signal quality is high and reaches the broadcast level.

 In transmission, such as video surveillance, data transmission, etc., are basically carried out by the optical transceiver, and the most used in video surveillance is the transmission equipment such as video optical transceiver.

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