​Which Data Needs To Be Calculated For Servo Motor Selection

- Mar 04, 2019-

Which data needs to be calculated for servo motor selection

The servo motor is a typical closed-loop feedback system. The reduction gear set is driven by a motor. Its terminal (output) drives a linear proportional potentiometer for position detection. The potentiometer converts the corner coordinate into a proportional voltage feedback to the control circuit board. The control circuit board compares it with the input control pulse signal to generate a correction pulse, and drives the motor to rotate in the forward or reverse direction, so that the output position of the gear set coincides with the expected value, so that the correction pulse tends to be zero, thereby achieving the  purpose of precise motor positioning.

The rotor inside the servo motor is a permanent magnet, and the U/V/W three-phase electric motor controlled by the driver forms an electromagnetic field, and the rotor rotates under the action of the magnetic field,at the same time, the encoder feedback signal of the motor is supplied to the driver, and the driver compares the feedback value with the target value to adjust the angle of rotation of the rotor.

The accuracy of the servo motor is determined by the accuracy (number of lines) of the encoder. What data does the servo motor need to calculate on the selection? The following is explained by the technicians of Shenzhen ECON Technology Servo Motors official website:

First, the speed and encoder resolution confirmation.

Second, the conversion of the load torque on the motor shaft and the calculation of the acceleration and deceleration torque.

Third, calculate the load inertia, inertia matching, take our servo motor as an example, some products inertia matching up to 50 times, but the actual smaller the better, so the accuracy and response speed is good.

Fourth, the calculation and selection of the regenerative resistor, for the servo, generally 2kw or more, to be configured outside.

Five, cable selection, encoder cable twisted shield, for some Japanese servo absolute encoder is 6 core, incremental is 4 core!

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