DC Brushless Servo Motor(low Voltage Servo Motor) For AGV

- May 14, 2018-

Brushless DC servo motor(low voltage servo motor) for AGV



With the rapid rise of the e-commerce industry in recent years, it has brought rapid development to the intelligent warehousing and logistics industries. The traditional warehousing and logistics industries have not been able to meet the needs of customers and must introduce automation equipment quickly. AGV (Automatic Guided Transport Vehicle) is an integral part of these industries. AGV started from the warehousing and logistics industry. So far, it has been widely used in logistics, express delivery, automobile manufacturing, home appliances, textile, medical, paper, tobacco and electronics industries.

The use of AGV trolley in intelligent storage and logistics industry

In the large-scale warehousing and logistics industry, the use of AGV is mainly reflected in transportation. In the 21st century, China’s demographic dividends no longer exist, manufacturing enterprises have to face labor shortages, and large-scale warehousing, logistics and other industries work hard and are not conducive to artificial long-term operations; at the same time, the logistics industry in the new era is positive. With the development of the Internet of Things, this will inevitably require automatic handling equipment that can be connected to the Internet. All of the above factors have contributed to the widespread application of AGV trolleys in these industries.

At present, the motion control structure of domestic AGV is mainly divided into three types. One is an ordinary two-wheel differential structure, one is a wheel rudder structure, and the other is a hub structure commonly used for electric vehicles. The two-wheel differential structure mainly realizes the steering by means of speed difference between the two movement axes; the wheel rudder is an AGV trolley-specific mechanical structure, the encoder is external and has a special steering motor shaft; the wheel hub structure principle is similar In two-wheel differential structure. At the same time, in some applications, the AGV car will be made into a four-wheel omni-directional form of movement, commonly known as the "Macnham Wheel."

Application of Brushless DC servo motor(low voltage servo motor) in AGV

ECON TECH relied on its own years of experience in the development of digital AC servo motor drive systems and quickly introduced a drive control package for the Brushless DC servo (low voltage servo) system + planetary reducer for AGV carts. This program has the following features and advantages:

Ø  Supply voltage DC24V-80V. The large-scale rapid movement of the AGV trolley needs to solve the problem of the power supply. It is not suitable to use the normal 220V power supply, and it must be a portable DC power supply. At this time, the operating power of the servo driver is required to be 80 V DC or lower.

Ø  The control mode realizes all data transmissions through CAN and achieves fast response.

Ø  The motion axis adopts low voltage servo motor, and the motor power can provide 100W-750W different options according to the size of the load. The number of axes can be selected as two axes, four axes, five axes, etc. according to the customer's needs;

Ø  The low-lift servo motor of the jacking axis is strictly limited by the entire space of the trolley and adopts a specially designed R&D motor to realize high torque output, high stability, and high-precision control throughout the entire motion control process. Accurate walking and commutation are achieved through coordinated movement between the motors.

Ø  No brush and commutator, reliable operation, low requirement for follow-up maintenance and maintenance; easy dissipation of heat from the stator winding; small inertia, easy to improve the system's fast response; high positioning accuracy, control methods can be diversified; adapt to high speed Large torque working conditions; smaller volume and weight with the same power.

Ø  In order to meet the requirements of different customers, in addition to the standard single-axis drive, the company has introduced a number of options such as two-axis and four-axis integration.

The above solutions have been successfully used in batches in several AGV cars in the two major industries of warehousing and logistics. The ECON TECH brand low-voltage servo drive control system guarantees the smoothness and accuracy of the AGV car with its superior performance. In terms of operational effects, it can be completely comparable to the performance of imported products, and has a higher advantage in terms of cost performance.


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