Definition Of Motion Control Card Interpolation

- Dec 09, 2015-

Definition of Motion Control Card Interpolation

According to certain methods to determine the cutting tool path of NC system of machine tool processes. it can also be said, some of the data on the known curve, and according to an algorithm to calculate method of intermediate points between known points, also known as the "key data points."

Numerical control device based on information input parts of the program, the program curve described in paragraph, the end point for data densification of space between, thus forming the outline of the required track, this "data encryption" function is called "interpolation".

Interpolation is the numerical control device based on the input of basic data, calculations describe the contour of the workpiece shape, calculated according to the results issued to coordinate to the pulse corresponding to each machine in response to one pulse equivalent distance in direction of, which will work out the outline shape.

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