Description Of Hybrid Servo Sytem

- Oct 07, 2017-

Introduction of hybrid servo system

  1. What is closed loop servo system?

It consists of a servo motor, a comparison line, a servo amplifier line, a speed detector and a position detector mounted on the workbench.This system automatically detects the actual displacement of the workbench and compares it with the command value and controls it with the difference value.

This is an automatic control system,includes power amplification and feedback,make the output variable value corresponds to the input variable value.When the numerical control device sends out quality pulse,when the command value is sent to the comparison circuit position,if the table does not move,that is,there is no position feedback signal,the command value causes the servo drive motor to rotate,after gear,ball screw nut the component drives the machine table to move.The position measuring element mounted on the machine table is used to measure the actual displacement of the worktable,then give feedback to the comparator of the numerical control device to compare with the command signal,control with the comparison difference value.If there is a difference between the two, amplified by the amplifier,and then control the servo drive motor rotation until the difference is zero,the table stop moving.This system is called a closed-loop servo system.

2. Features

This system has high positioning accuracy,but the system is complex,difficult to debug and repair,price is more expensive,mainly for high precision and large CNC machine tools.

3. Classification

Full position loop closed loop

It directly reads the load distance parameters,such as the actual position pulse of the screw scale,is the true position of the ring closed loop.

Half-position ring closed loop

It is to read the number of pulses of the servo motor to act as the actual position pulse, is the false position ring closed loop.

The ECON T Series closed-loop servo system consists of TC series hybrid stepper motor with a high-resolution incremental encoder and TS series of high-performance servo drives.The encoder continuously monitors the motor rotor position, the drive constantly reads the position data of the encoder and real-time comparison with the control commands sent by the host computer ,continuously detect and correct the synchronization between the rotor position and the command to eliminate the step lost of stepping motor. The ECON T series closed loop stepper system will not lose step even if encounter a sudden load or sudden acceleration. If the synchronization between the motor rotor position and the command is lost,the closed-loop control will work, so there is no need to worry about out of sync.

ECON easy servo system selection range:

1.easy servo motor,NEMA10,nema13,nema17,nema23,nema24,nema34 mounting flange size optional;

2. DC power supply 24-80VDC,AC power supply 24V-120VAC,the maximum speed up to 3000RPM;

3. Hold torque 0.1-12N.m optional,motor 0.1-1500RPM operation when the approximate constant torque;

4. High response,gain adjustment is simple;

5. low-speed smooth, large torque, static no movement;

6. high-speed, high precision, cost-effective.

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