Easy Servo Drive And Motor Use On LCD Feeder

- Sep 18, 2017-

Easy servo System Use On LCD Pallet Feeder

Automatic LCD pallet feeder,just put LCD together with the tray into the feed bin of equipment,then device will automatically put the LCD on the assembly line. Replace the traditional manual placement of LCD in the pipeline,achieve the feeding process auto-transport, feeding control, effort saving,safe and reliable, saving manpower and material resources, reduce costs and improve business competitiveness.

Use details:

Man-machine session layer: touch screen

Configuration: switching power supply 48V, 10A

Control layer: PLC

Driver layer:ECON TS series easy servo drive (economical) TS808D

Execution layer:ECON easy servo motor TC86-45

Installation position and role: Our stepper motor system mainly acts on the X-axis movement, the motor drives the belt slide to reciprocate movement, the main function is with the Y axis and the nozzle to send touch screen into the pipeline.Slide stroke about 1000mm. The slide weighs about 2kg. ECON closed loop stepper system use details: drive pulse type set to single pulse+direction,micro-step is 1000.The easy servo motor runs at a maximum speed of 1000RPM.


Selection practice:

In the same conditions,the use of equipment unchanged,use the same dimensions of the servo motor system to replace,can meet the requirements too.But in the actual using process,need to match the system to adjust the parameters of the servo drive,and cost is relatively high.While ECON step servo system parameters are simple to set,no cumbersome adjustment can be maintained best effect in the full range,after achieve desired target position, the motor without position fluctuations.Compared to open-loop stepping systems, the cost is low,but cannot meet customer requirements.The accuracy of the open loop stepper motor is determined by the step angle of the motor body,so accuracy is relatively low.And as the speed rises,the torque goes down quickly,easy to cause motor step lost and other phenomena resulting in equipment failure or failure to meet the system operating requirements.But hybrid servo system output a large torque in a very wide speed range,and high precision and stable speed.

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