Easy Servo System Use On Camera Detection Platform

- Oct 07, 2017-

Easy servo system use on camera detection platform


Camera detection platform is a high-precision detection equipment, it has following characteristics:

■ X axis, Y axis:Left and right horizontal movement

   mechanical structure: screw + rail

   screw pitch: 10mm

   movement distance: 300mm

   operating requirements: accuracy within 20μm, high speed

   require motor good response performance

   require accurate location, without step-lost

■ Z axis: vertical up and down movement (adjust the focal length)

   mechanical structure: screw + rail

   screw pitch: 2mm

   movement distance: 30mm

   operating requirements: accuracy within 5μm, high speed

   require small motor size

   require motor good response performance

   require the motor absolutely static when stop,no jitter

   require accurate location, without step-lost

A device manufacturer has considered the following three options

(A) stepper motor program

Although the traditional stepper motor is low cost,in the case of speed is not demanding high,basic can be competent.Although

the static time is static,there is risk of step lost.The customer has considered to add an encoder on the stepper motor,and controller deal with the encoder signal.Though this can solve the problem of lost step,the adjustment time is too long,control is complex,increase hardware cost and software development and commissioning costs.This program was eventually abandoned by the customer.

(2) Servo motor program

Servo motor cost is higher,but solve the high-speed operation step lost situation,because the servo motor can not keep absolute

static when stop,so it can not be applied at the focus station. This program is also abandoned by customers.

(C) stepping servo motor program

Closed loop stepping motor not only solve the problem of stepping motor out of step,also solve the problem that the servo motor 

can not be absolutely static,it achieves perfect effect at focusing station,and in the XY axis also reache desired effect.Hybrid servo motor accuracy can be 10000PPR,the maximum speed 3000RPM.

Customers are very recognized easy servo system program,its high accuracy and security for accuracy,speed get greatly 

improvement,simple debugging,no requirements of commissioning staff or after-sales staff,running effect achieves customer's expection.

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