ECON TECH’S AC Servo Motor And Servo Drive For Six Axes Robot

- May 30, 2018-

ECON TECH’S AC Servo Motor and Servo Drive for Six Axes Robot


With the increase in the automation of industrial production lines, the development of flexible production will continue. Industrial robotic arms are increasingly used in painting, packaging, welding, assembly, and other production processes to replace labor in harsh environments. Here, the six-axis hot-dip galvanizing robot will be described as an example. Mechanically, the six-axis robotic arm is designed with a 6-DOF space coordinate system. All six axes use servomotors with gearboxes. Use the KANOP robot control system to control the servo driver to complete the corresponding action.


System introduction

1, the characteristics of six-axis industrial robots:

A Fast speed: Light-weight devices and high-power micro motors are used to increase the speed, thereby shortening the cycle time and increasing the production efficiency.

B High precision: Six-axis industrial manipulators use high-quality, high-performance harmonic reducers, which constantly repeat positioning during operation to ensure accuracy.

C Good sealability: The shafts are completely sealed and are suitable for use in harsh environments where dust, oil, harmful gas liquids and other seals are highly demanding.

D Compact and relatively heavy load.

The advantages of six-axis industrial robots:

A The response time of the six-axis industrial manipulator is rapid and the speed is fast. The robot does not stop during the operation and does not rest, thereby improving the automatic production efficiency.

B The accuracy of the six-axis industrial robot is high and the quality is less affected, thus ensuring the quality of the product.

C The use of six-axis industrial robots can reduce labor costs and reduce the waste of raw materials.

D It is possible to adapt the production of different parts by modifying the program to shorten the cycle of product modification and investment and the investment in application equipment.

E Instead of manpower, operate in high-risk, harmful and other harsh environments.

Six-axis robots requirement for servo motors and servo drives

The six-axis galvanized manipulator is mainly composed of six sets of AC servo drives and servo motor,and a motor combined with a gear box to complete the positioning and rotation of the manipulator. In addition, two sets of servo drives and servo motors are responsible for feeding. Among them, 1,2,3-axis is composed of ECN-KBS50AB with EC-180M270B motor, 4,5,6 axis is composed of ECN-KAS20AB with EC-130M150C motor.. The servo driver works in position mode. The robot control system sends a control signal to the servo driver to drive the servo motor to complete the corresponding action.


The matched components introduction

The controller is connected to the servo drive control terminal. The control mode is the pulse + direction in the position mode. The controller sends the position command to the servo driver, and the servo driver control the servo motor completes the corresponding actions according to the instructions. 

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