ECON TECH’S ModBus RS485 Stepper Drive Launch

- May 23, 2018-

ECON TECH’S ModBus RS485 stepper drive  launch


Recently, ECON TECH'S RS485 Modbus closed loop stepper driver(hybrid servo/stepping servo) RS485-HS68D was released to market

This driver continuously maintains the excellent features of the digital driver: low vibration, low noise, low power consumption, maximum output current of 8A/phase, and taking into account the networked control requirements of on-site customers, using the RS-485 bus to support the standard The MODBUS-RTU protocol can mount 247 devices. It has a built-in single-axis controller function. The user can realize trapezoidal acceleration and deceleration control functions through the bus set start speed, acceleration/deceleration time, maximum speed, and total number of pulses. It also supports point-to-point position control, speed control, and cycle position control. Three modes.

In addition to RS485-HS68D, ECON TECH will continue to launch a series of bus stepper drives (includes EtherCAT stepper drive/closed loop stepper drive/brushless servo drive) to meet the needs of customers in different industries!



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