ECONTECH T2-CAN CANopen Stepper Drive Communication With Delta PLC---Parameter Setting

- Mar 30, 2018-

ECONTECH T2-CAN CANopen stepper drive communication with delta PLC---Parameter setting

A:PDO setting

Double click node ,will display the dialog as below, the configured PDO details as shown in half bottom of dialog

Note! the default configuration may not be matched with actual application , the user need to configure it base on the actual application


Double click the configured PDO to edit it ,and check the parameters which are from EDS, user can add and delete the parameter


Set the property of PDO



 B Automatic SDO configuration

Click the “Automatic SDO configuration” to add and delete the SDO


Note! The input order should be as follow, for example:

Configure the parameter 60FFset it as 300000,the converted hexadecimal coding is493e0


C Drive parameter setting

Here are some ways to set the parameters of drive

1: Set it via SDO

The parameters of drive can be configured at automatic SDO, just to find the matched address index and data.

2: Send SDO request for setting

Toolsend SDO request


After successfully written, if will show“Write SDO finished”,and I will show error the written is not successful


3:set it by parameter edit


Modify the value


4:Modify it by program

Change the parameters by SDO written in program(refer the PLC user manual for programming)

D:parameter of drive saving

Write the value 0x65766173 to address 1010+04 for saving the parameter

The below dialog shows error code 03(communication over time),actually , the parameter have been set successfully


E: master setting

Click property of master, will display “:master configuration”dialog. And Configure the  synchronizing cycle and heart beat


Double click the master station ,and configure the PDO parameter in node configuration list



Download PDO configuration

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