Experience To Reduce RS485 Bus Communication Failures

- Apr 04, 2018-

Experience to reduce RS485 Bus communication failures

The following suggestions and advice are provided to reduce communication failures.

1. It is recommended that users use and purchase the RS485 converter provided by the access control manufacturer or the manufacturer's designated recommended brand of 485 converter.

2. The access control manufacturers will do a lot of testing work with their supporting RS485 converters, and will require the RS485 converter manufacturer to perform production and quality inspection according to its fixed performance parameters, so it has good compatibility with the access control equipment. Do not try to buy cheap RS485 converters.

3.Strictly in accordance with the RS485 bus construction specifications for construction, put an end to any chance


4. The scientific and pre-reserved solutions are adopted for the RS485 bus projects with long lines and high loads.

5. If the communication distance is too long, such as over 500 meters, it is recommended to use repeater or RS485HUB to solve.

6.If the load is too much, such as more than 30 on a bus, it is recommended to use RS485HUB to solve the problem.

7.On-site debugging brings together debugging equipment. On-site commissioning must carry several switches that can take long distances and multiple loads, a commonly used computer laptop, a multimeter that tests the circuit breaker, and several 120 ohm termination resistors.

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