The Features Of Closed Loop Stepping Motor On Engraving Machine Application

- May 08, 2018-

The Features of Closed-loop stepping motor on Engraving Machine Application

The user of engraving machine customers judge the most important two indicators of the performance of the engraving machine.

A:Working speed; Working speed directly affects production efficiency, the higher the Working speed, the higher the production efficiency.

B: working stabile and no misalignment for a long time. If misalignment occurs in the processing, it will result in the waste of processing materials. If the precious mahogany material is lost to the customer, the customer does not want to use the misalignment to reduce the processing loss.

The stepper motor/stepping motor is the main transmission mechanism of the engraving machine. Due to the speed feature of the stepper motor/stepping motor, the torque of the stepper motor/stepping motor decays rapidly at high speed, that is to say, the higher the engraving machine processing speed is, the smaller the output of the stepper motor/stepping motor is. In order to ensure stable engraving processing, engraving Acceleration of the machine cannot be opened too fast. If the processing speed is too high, the stepper motor/stepping motor loses steps, causing misalignment.

Currently used open-loop stepper motor for engraving machine, when the load is too heavy, the drive part of the foreign matter stuck. When the spindle gets stuck and the load gets heavier, it will cause the stepper motor to lose steps and there is a risk of misalignment in the engraving processing.

Closed-loop stepper motor /stepping servo motor can effectively improve the overall performance of the engraving machine. As the stepper motor is closed-loop control, the drive part can monitor the working status of the stepper motor, achieve accurate positioning, and can adjust the stepper motor current according to the load size to achieve intelligent control. , Can effectively avoid stepping motor lost step problem, can effectively improve the engraving machine processing speed.

With the continuous improvement of customer requirements, follow-up open-loop stepper motors have failed to meet industry requirements, and subsequent closed-loop step motors/stepping servo motor have replaced the development trend of traditional stepper motors.


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