France Customer Takes The AC Servo System(ECN-GA3220B+EC-110M180D) For Stone Cutting Machine

- Sep 10, 2018-

France customer takes the AC servo system(ECN-GA3220B+EC-110M180D) for stone cutting machine

France customer Moustapha is the old customer,he always purchase the AC servo driver and ac servo motor for his stone cutting machine,he thinks ECON Technology servo driver and servo motor are good quality,while price is cost effective for end users. This order he takes 3 sets,below is the purchase detail.

  1. ECN-GA3220B,ac servo driver,10A,3pcs

  2. EC-110M180D,ac servo motor,1.8kw,6Nm,6A,3000RPM,3pcs

  3. servo cable

ECON Technology ac servo driver is small size, and light.




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