How Do You Think Of Easy Servo

- Jun 12, 2016-

How do you think of Easy Servo


Subtract: Easy servo or Hybrid servo,it is closed loop stepper system.Why people call it easy servo or hybrid servo? As to some machines,engineer will use closed loop stepper system to replace servo system,and it is easier than servo system,easy on Operation,easy on Price,easy on Purchasing.


When we promote our Easy Servo,always come back one question,what is Easy Servo?Always explain from two aspects.One is common stepper system,one is servo system.Easy Servo compares to common stepper system,the main difference is that easy servo give location feedback,which prevent steps to lose,improves the accuracy. Then easy servo apply the load affected current technology,it means that current will change according to load and motion status,which reduce energy cost,low down heating problem.Also easy servo improves motors performance and stability.


Compare to AC servo system,1)it is more stable when start and stop,so it is used widely in field that need to quickly start/stop in short distance and stop in zero speed;2)location control period is shorter than servo system.It is almost at the same for location response output and input;3)and the most,the expense is almost half of servo system.


Recent years,easy servo is known by more and more people,and appears some more manufactures,users have more selection when they want to use easy servo.If you want to find a stable supplier with high quality and competitive price,do not forget to send a request to Shenzhen ECON Technology Co.,Ltd.

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