How To Avoid Interference Of Stepping Driver

- May 30, 2018-

How to Avoid Interference of Stepping Driver

Interference has a great influence on the stepper driver(stepping drive), which can cause unstable operation of the stepper driver. As a result, the stepper motor(stepping motor) loses its steps.

Here some solutions for solving interference.

1. Install a power filter to reduce the pollution of the AC power supply.

2. "a little grounding" principle. Ground of the power filter, the driver PE (ground) (insulated between the driver and the chassis base), the control pulse PULSE- and the direction pulse DIR- shorted lead wire, the motor ground wire, the cable guard between the driver and the motor, and the driver The shielded wires are connected to the grounding posts on the wall of the chassis and require good contact.

3. try to increase the distance between the control line and the power line (L, N), motor drive line (U, V, W), to avoid crossover. For example, we are dealing with the two-axis drive system in two places in the same chassis In the drive mounting position, one drive nameplate faces forward and the other faces backward, and these leads are made as short as possible in the structural arrangement.

4. Use shielded cables to reduce outside interference with yourself or yourself (power lines) to external interference.

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